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monument Word or Phrase:MINERAL BATHS *  
Definition:Baths containing water impregnated with mineral substances in which patients bathe for medicinal purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:PITHEAD BATHS *  
Definition:A building containing the colliery showers. Also often containing first aid and mine rescue facilities.

monument Word or Phrase:RUSSIAN BATHS *  
Definition:A building housing a Russian-style steam bath or banya.

monument Word or Phrase:SLIPPER BATHS *  
Definition:Originally partially covered baths shaped somewhat like a slipper, now usually a number of single baths of the modern domestic style installed for hire at public baths.

monument Word or Phrase:THERMAL BATHS *  
Definition:A building containing a number of areas for bathing, some of which are naturally heated by thermal springs.

monument Word or Phrase:TURKISH BATHS *  
Definition:A hot steam bath introduced from the East, in which heavy perspiration is followed by soaping, washing, massage and cooling.

monument Word or Phrase:SALT BATHS *  
Definition:A building where people could bathe in salt water. Salt water was believed to have medicinal properties.

monument Word or Phrase:BATHS *  
Definition:A building, usually open to the public, containing a number of areas for bathing. In the case of such a complex containing baths for swimming, also index with INDOOR or OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL.

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