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Iron Age gully near 'The Granary' at Manor House Farm, Wasperton

Summary An Iron Age gully containing Iron Age Pottery was identifeid during investigations.
What Is It?  
Type: Gully
Period: Iron Age (800 BC - 42 AD)
Where Is It?  
Parish: Wasperton
District: Warwick, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 26 58
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1 A 4m section of an Iron Age gully was found. Five sherds of pottery were recovered from the fill.

Source No:
Source Type: Observation Report
Title: Archaeological recording at Manor House Farm, Wasperton, Warwickshire
Author/originator: Coutts C & Gethin B
Date: 2010
Page Number:
Volume/Sheet: 1046
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Word or Phrase
period Iron Age About 800 BC to 43 AD

The Iron Age comes after the Bronze Age and before the Roman period. It is a time when people developed the skills and knowledge to work and use iron, hence the name ‘Iron Age’ which is given to this period. Iron is a much tougher and more durable metal than bronze but it also requires more skill to make objects from it. People continued to use bronze during this period.
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monument MANOR HOUSE * The principal house of a manor or village. back
monument GULLY * A deep gutter, drain or sink. back
monument FARM * A tract of land, often including a farmhouse and ancillary buildings, used for the purpose of cultivation and the rearing of livestock, etc. Use more specific type where known. back

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