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Rowington (or Shrewley) Tunnel

Summary A canal tunnel known as Rowington or Shrewley Tunnel. It was built during the Imperial period and is situated on the Grand Union Canal at Shrewley Common.
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Type: Canal, Canal Tunnel
Period: Imperial - Industrial (1751 AD - 1913 AD)
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Parish: Shrewley
District: Warwick, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 21 67
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1 This 433 yard long horsepath tunnel (called either Rowington or Shrewley tunnel) takes the Grand Canal through a steep bluff south of Shrewley. For much of its length a conventional horsepath leads the towpath over the ridge but at its western end the difference in height is so great that a separate tunnel to accommodate the towpath was required. Some of the paving and western portal of this tunnel seem to be original.
2 "Horses and pedestrians took the small tunnel which rises from the NW west portal to the road, then the horse path which leads from the road to the SE portal of the tunnel."
3 The tunnel has some of the orginal cobbled, ridged floor but also has some new concrete steps. It is in good condition. The main tunnel has redbrick portals at the E and W ends.
4 The Canal was opened on 19th December 1799, the tunnel being constructed between 1793 and 1799, the exact date not being known. In 1929 the Warwick & Birmingham Canal became part of the Grand Union system.

Source No: 4
Source Type: Building Survey
Title: Panel for Historical Engineering Works
Author/originator: Institution of Civil Engineers
Page Number:
Source No: 3
Source Type: Site Visit
Title: SMR Card
Author/originator: Kilburn C D
Date: 1984
Page Number:
Volume/Sheet: PRN 4315
Source No: 1
Source Type: Unpublished document
Title: Industrial Monuments Survey
Author/originator: Falconer K A
Date: 1980
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Source No: 2
Source Type: Unpublished document
Title: The Stratford on Avon and Grand Union Canal
Author/originator: Elwin and King
Page Number: 18
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source SMR Card Sites and Monuments Record Card. The Warwickshire Sites and Monuments Record began to be developed during the 1970s. The details of individual archaeological sites and findspots were written on record cards. These record cards were used until the 1990s, when their details were entered on to a computerised system. The record cards are still kept at the office of the Warwickshire Sites and Monuments Record. back
period Imperial 1751 AD to 1914 AD (end of the 18th century AD to the beginning of the 20th century AD)

This period comes after the Post Medieval period and before the modern period and starts with beginning of the Industrial Revolution in 1750. It includes the second part of the Hannoverian period (1714 – 1836) and the Victorian period (1837 – 1901). The Imperial period ends with the start of the First World War in 1914.
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monument YARD * A paved area, generally found at the back of a house. back
monument CANAL * An artificial navigable waterway used for the transportation of goods. Nowadays also used for recreational purposes. back
monument TUNNEL * An underground channel with a vaulted roof. Use specific type where known. back
monument HORSE PATH * A purpose built section of path linking two sections of a canal enabling a horse to be led over or around an obstacle such as a hill. Horse paths predate towpath tunnels. back
monument FLOOR * A layer of stone, brick or boards, etc, on which people tread. Use broader site type where known. back
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monument CANAL TUNNEL * A tunnel with a canal running through it. back
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