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Site of Lime Works 400m N of Holbrook Grange

Summary The possible site of a lime kiln or quarry which dates back to the Imperial period. It is marked on a map of 1831. The lime works were situated 800m north east of Long Lawford.
What Is It?  
Type: Lime Kiln, Quarry, Kiln
Period: Imperial - Industrial (1751 AD - 1913 AD)
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Parish: Little Lawford
District: Rugby, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 47 77
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1 Lime workings marked.
2 Lime works marked on Old Series OS map (about 1830)

Source No: 2
Source Type: Map
Title: Map 1830s One inch to one mile
Author/originator: Ordnance Survey
Date: 1830s
Page Number:
Source No: 1
Source Type: Map
Title: Warwicks
Author/originator: Baker
Date: 1831-4
Page Number:
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Word or Phrase
period Imperial 1751 AD to 1914 AD (end of the 18th century AD to the beginning of the 20th century AD)

This period comes after the Post Medieval period and before the modern period and starts with beginning of the Industrial Revolution in 1750. It includes the second part of the Hannoverian period (1714 – 1836) and the Victorian period (1837 – 1901). The Imperial period ends with the start of the First World War in 1914.
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monument SITE * Unclassifiable site with minimal information. Specify site type wherever possible. back
monument KILN * A furnace or oven for burning, baking or drying. Use specific type where known. back
monument LIME KILN * A kiln in which lime is made by calcining limestone or in some areas chalk. back
monument INDUSTRIAL * This is the top term for the class. See INDUSTRIAL Class List for narrow terms. back
monument LIME WORKS * A site where lime (calcium carbonate) is made. back
monument QUARRY * An excavation from which stone for building and other functions, is obtained by cutting, blasting, etc. back

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