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Anglo-Saxon burial (possibly a cemetery), Meon Hill, Lower Quinton

Summary An Anglo Saxon burial was found outside the western rampart of Meon Hill hillfort in 1957. Further finds suggest other burials.
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Type: Burial, Inhumation
Period: Anglo-Saxon (410 AD - 1065 AD)
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Parish: Quinton
District: Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 17 45
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1 May 1957. Anglo Saxon shield boss, spearhead and ferrule together with parts of a skeleton found at a depth of.... The boss, spearhead and ferrule now in Birmingham Museum. (JMM June 1957 - visited site).
2 JMM marks this just outside rampart on W.
4 Fieldwalking of N Field produced small fragments of bone comb strengthener decorated with circles and dots. This could indicate further burials.
5 Note about the finds in

Source No: 4
Source Type: Article in serial
Title: WMA vol 25
Author/originator: Price E and Watson P
Date: 1982
Page Number: 78-82
Volume/Sheet: 25
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Volume/Sheet: Annotated
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Source Type: Note
Title: Meon Hill Saxon material.
Page Number:
Source No: 2
Source Type: Verbal communication
Title: R.C. Hingley personal comments
Author/originator: R C Hingley
Page Number:
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