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Roman Industiral site found SW of Dick's Lane Bridge

Summary Findspot - a large collection of pottery dating to the Roman period was found 800m west of Turner's Green. See related records for other finds recovered from this site.
What Is It?  
Type: Findspot, Industrial Site
Period: Romano-British (43 AD - 409 AD)
Where Is It?  
Parish: Lapworth
District: Warwick, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 18 69
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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Pottery found S of Dick's Lane Bridge.
1 Large collection of pottery from late 1st century to early/mid 4th century.
2 Source
1 appears to never have been completed, but this work appears to have been carried out as part of the M40 survey work (for instance, see MWA7890).
3 A range of finds are recorded from this site, consisting of pottery, coins, metalwork and a Roman glass bead (see related records), representing a "larger industrial complex than was previously thought". Source includes plan of artefact scatter.

Source No: 3
Source Type: Unpublished document
Title: M40 Motorway, Warwickshire: Archaeological Survey 1992
Author/originator: Adams, D, Jenkins, D and Wise, J.
Date: 1994
Page Number:
Source No: 2
Source Type: Verbal communication
Title: Pers. Comm. Giles Carey
Author/originator: G Carey
Date: 2009-2014
Page Number:
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Word or Phrase
period Roman About 43 AD to 409 AD (the 1st century AD to the 5th century AD)

The Roman period comes after the Iron Age and before the Saxon period.

The Roman period in Britain began in 43 AD when a Roman commander called Aulus Plautius invaded the south coast, near Kent. There were a series of skirmishes with the native Britons, who were defeated. In the months that followed, more Roman troops arrived and slowly moved westwards and northwards.
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monument ARTEFACT SCATTER * A spatially discrete scatter of mixed artefactual material found on the ground, seabed or riverbed which may have been deposited over time rather than resulting from one particular event. Index particular types where appropriate. back
monument SITE * Unclassifiable site with minimal information. Specify site type wherever possible. back
monument FINDSPOT * The approximate location at which stray finds of artefacts were found. Index with object name. back
monument INDUSTRIAL * This is the top term for the class. See INDUSTRIAL Class List for narrow terms. back
monument MOTORWAY * Fast arterial road with separate carriageways limited to motor vehicles back
monument BRIDGE * A structure of wood, stone, iron, brick or concrete, etc, with one or more intervals under it to span a river or other space. Use specific type where known. back
monument INDUSTRIAL SITE * An area or defined space believed to have been used for trades and/or manufacturing activity. Only use when evidence for more specific site type is lacking. back

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