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monument Word or Phrase:TRAVELLING OVERHEAD CRANE *  
Definition:A crane suspended from running rails in the roof of an engineering workshop or similar establishment.

monument Word or Phrase:HYDRAULIC PILLAR CRANE *  
Definition:A hydraulically-powered crane where the jib and windlass are mounted on a central pillar.

monument Word or Phrase:FAIRBAIRN JIB CRANE *  
Definition:A dockside crane with a solid curving jib made out of rivetted iron plates.

monument Word or Phrase:HYDRAULIC BOX CRANE *  
Definition:A hydraulically-powered crane constructed from open box girders.

monument Word or Phrase:MOVING QUAY CRANE *  
Definition:A crane mounted on wheels and/or rails, used for the unloading of ships' cargoes.

monument Word or Phrase:CANTILEVER CRANE *  
Definition:A crane consisting of a lattice girder carried on a lattice tower forming a T-shaped structure. A hoist is carried along the girder by a 'crab', enabling the crane to perform a variety of tasks eg loading/unloading of ships.

monument Word or Phrase:FIXED QUAY CRANE *  
Definition:A crane fixed to a quay, used for the unloading of ships cargoes.

monument Word or Phrase:TRAVELLING CRANE *  
Definition:A crane, located in an engineering workshop or similar establishment, which can be moved on rails and thus used anywhere within the workshop.

monument Word or Phrase:TREADWHEEL CRANE *  
Definition:A crane powered by a treadwheel and used for lifting and lowering, dating from the Roman period. Also used in later periods to assist on building sites, at mines and in ports.

monument Word or Phrase:HYDRAULIC CRANE *  
Definition:A crane whose winding mechanism was operated by hydraulic jiggers.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOATING CRANE *  
Definition:A dockyard crane permanently mounted on a lighter.

monument Word or Phrase:OVERHEAD CRANE *  
Definition:A hoist suspended from a girder within the roof of a building or workshop.

monument Word or Phrase:COALING CRANE *  
Definition:A crane used for the refueling of coal-powered vessels.

monument Word or Phrase:LUFFING CRANE *  
Definition:A crane in which, during any alteration of radius, an automatic device causes the load to move horizontally.

monument Word or Phrase:GANTRY CRANE *  
Definition:A crane mounted on a large metal gantry, used for the lifting of large-scale building materials, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:MOVING CRANE *  
Definition:A crane which is driven by a petrol or diesel engine and travels on either crawler tracks or rubber tyres.

monument Word or Phrase:CRANE HOUSE *  
Definition:A component part of a treadmill crane, the shed is used to enclose the treadwheel.

monument Word or Phrase:STEAM CRANE *  
Definition:A crane powered by a steam engine.

monument Word or Phrase:CRANEWHEEL *  
Definition:A tread-wheel by which a crane was formerly worked.

monument Word or Phrase:HAND CRANE *  
Definition:A mechanism used for lifting and lowering weights, operated by hand.

monument Word or Phrase:QUAY CRANE *  
Definition:A crane located on a quayside used for the loading and unloading of goods and materials to and from vessels.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL CRANE *  
Definition:A small crane fixed to the wall of a warehouse or similar building.

monument Word or Phrase:JIB CRANE *  
Definition:A crane with a projecting arm, usually one that can be raised and lowered.

monument Word or Phrase:CRANE *  
Definition:A large, metal or wooden structure, used for raising, lowering and moving heavy objects. Use more specific type where known.

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