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monument Word or Phrase:HARDENED AIRCRAFT SHELTER *  
Definition:A type of military aircraft hangar of the Cold War, hardened and therefore protected against the effects of nuclear weapons. It comprises a semi-circular structure built of corrugated-steel supporting a reinforced-concrete skin. Three NATO designs.

monument Word or Phrase:HARDWARE WAREHOUSE *  
Definition:A building or part of a building used specifically to store items of hardware and ironmongery.

monument Word or Phrase:HARDWARE SHOWROOM *  
Definition:A room to display various items of hardware and ironmongery.

monument Word or Phrase:EMBARKATION HARD *  
Definition:Special concrete loading ramps nicknamed 'hards' had been constructed along river banks, beaches and inlets to enable organised embarkation onto various types of landing craft to take place, irrespective of tides.

monument Word or Phrase:HARDWARE FACTORY *  
Definition:A factory where general hardware, fittings, items of ironmongery are produced.

monument Word or Phrase:HARD STANDING *  
Definition:A purpose-built area of hard material of indeterminate use.

monument Word or Phrase:HARDWARE SHOP *  
Definition:A shop selling ironmonger's goods, household tools and utensils.

monument Word or Phrase:HARD *  
Definition:A firm beach or foreshore used for landing and loading of ships and other vessels. In more recent times hards have been reinforced with concrete.

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