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monument Word or Phrase:STABLEHANDS LODGINGS *  
Definition:A place of accommodation for a stablehand.

monument Word or Phrase:COACHING INN STABLE *  
Definition:A stable found at a coaching inn where horses are housed.

monument Word or Phrase:MULTI STOREY STABLE *  
Definition:A stable, on two or more levels.

monument Word or Phrase:HACKNEY STABLE *  
Definition:A stable used for riding horses or those used to pull coaches, gigs, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:RAILWAY STABLE *  
Definition:A stable located at a railway station or goods yard. Horses were necessary both for freight and passengers to continue their journey beyond the railway.

monument Word or Phrase:TRAMWAY STABLE *  
Definition:A stable associated with a horse-drawn tramway system.

monument Word or Phrase:LIVERY STABLE *  
Definition:A stable where horses are kept at livery, or are let out for hire.

monument Word or Phrase:RACING STABLE *  
Definition:A building or range of buildings used to accommodate race horses.

monument Word or Phrase:STABLE *  
Definition:A building in which horses are accommodated.

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