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monument Word or Phrase:COAL HOLE COVER *  
Definition:A circular, metal or wooden cover, covering a hole in the pavement where domestic coal deliveries were dropped into a store below.

monument Word or Phrase:MANHOLE COVER *  
Definition:An iron cover for a manhole

monument Word or Phrase:COVERED WELL *  
Definition:A well with a superstructure, either partially or wholly enclosed with an access door, designed to protect the water source.

monument Word or Phrase:COVERED YARD *  
Definition:A covered area of ground attached to a building.

monument Word or Phrase:COVER PLATE *  
Definition:A cover consisting of a plate for covering over or closing in a chamber or receptacle.

monument Word or Phrase:COVERED WAY *  
Definition:A path that is roofed over.

monument Word or Phrase:GAME COVERT *  
Definition:A small area of managed woodland, created to provide cover for deer and other game.

monument Word or Phrase:FOX COVERT *  
Definition:A small area of managed woodland, created to provide cover for foxes.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE COVE *  
Definition:A group of, usually three, standing stones forming a square with an open side and often found with a stone circle.

monument Word or Phrase:WELL COVER *  
Definition:A lid for a well. Well covers are often ornate and can be made of various materials.

monument Word or Phrase:COVE *  
Definition:Prehistoric structure consisting of three or more standing stones in close proximity to each other, forming an unroofed approximately rectangular structure open in one direction.

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