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monument Word or Phrase:PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT *  
Definition:A hospital department where research and treatment into the causes and nature of diseases or abnormal bodily conditions is carried out.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWING PATH BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge which takes a towing path over a branch canal, basin, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:SERPENTINE PATH *  
Definition:A winding path in a garden or park, common in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN PATH *  
Definition:A path in a garden.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVEL PATH *  
Definition:A path covered in a layer of water-worn or pounded stones.

monument Word or Phrase:CYCLE PATH *  
Definition:A path, or marked lane, designated for use by cyclists.

monument Word or Phrase:HORSE PATH *  
Definition:A purpose built section of path linking two sections of a canal enabling a horse to be led over or around an obstacle such as a hill. Horse paths predate towpath tunnels.

monument Word or Phrase:TOW PATH *  
Definition:A path running by the side of a canal or navigable river for use in towing vessels.

monument Word or Phrase:PATH *  
Definition:A way made for pedestrians, especially one merely made by walking (often not specially constructed).

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