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monument Word or Phrase:GARDENS PARKS AND URBAN SPACES *  
Definition:This is the top term for the class. See GARDENS PARKS AND URBAN SPACES Class List for narrow terms.

none Word or Phrase:Registered Park or Garden  
Definition:Parks and gardens that are considered to be of historic importance are placed on a register. The register comprises a variety of town gardens, public parks and country estates. The main purpose of the register is to help ensure that the features and qualities that make the Parks and gardens special are safeguarded if changes are being considered which could affect them.

The gardens on the register are divided into three grades in order to give some guidance about their significance, in a similar way to Listed Buildings. The majority of Parks and gardens on the Register are of sufficient interest as to be designated as grade II. Some, however, are recognised as being of exceptional historic interest and are awarded a star giving them grade II* status. A small number are of international importance, and are classified as grade I.

monument Word or Phrase:MULTI STOREY CAR PARK *  
Definition:A car park, on two or more levels.

monument Word or Phrase:MOTOR TRANSPORT PARK *  
Definition:A site, usually including hardstandings and associated buildings, used for the storage of military vehicles.

monument Word or Phrase:UNDERGROUND CAR PARK *  
Definition:A car park situated beneath the surface of the ground.

monument Word or Phrase:ROOF TOP CAR PARK *  
Definition:A car park on the roof of a building.

Word or Phrase:AMBULANCE PARK *  
Definition:A site, usually including hardstandings and associated buildings, where ambulances can be parked and stored.

monument Word or Phrase:AMUSEMENT PARK *  
Definition:A recreation ground with usually permanent structure. It usually contains rides such as ghost trains, helter skelter and roller coasters.

monument Word or Phrase:LANDSCAPE PARK *  
Definition:Grounds, usually associated with a country house, laid out so as to produce the effect of natural scenery

monument Word or Phrase:BUSINESS PARK *  
Definition:An area speciallly developed to accommodate commercial buildings.

monument Word or Phrase:PARKING METER *  
Definition:A coin-operated meter receiving fees for parking a vehicle in a street, and indicating time allowed.

monument Word or Phrase:CARAVAN PARK *  
Definition:A camping place set aside for the use of caravans.

monument Word or Phrase:COUNTRY PARK *  
Definition:An area of managed countryside designated for visitors to enjoy recreations, such as walking specified parks and trails, in a rural environment. Often provides public facilities such as parking, toilets, cafes and visitor information.

monument Word or Phrase:HUNTING PARK *  
Definition:An enclosed area of parkland used almost exclusively for the hunting of deer.

monument Word or Phrase:PARK SHELTER *  
Definition:A shelter in a public park.

monument Word or Phrase:SCIENCE PARK *  
Definition:An area including buildings dedicated to scientific research for commercial purposes. Often associated with, or operated by, a university or higher education institution.

monument Word or Phrase:PUBLIC PARK *  
Definition:A park for the use of the public for entertainment and relaxation.

monument Word or Phrase:RETAIL PARK *  
Definition:A grouping of retail warehouses and supermarkets with associated car parking.

monument Word or Phrase:ROYAL PARK *  
Definition:Originally a large tract of wooded country, owned by the Monarchy, for the purpose of hunting. The royal parks of London, eg. Greenwich, are all open to the public and have been for centuries.

monument Word or Phrase:DEER PARK *  
Definition:A large park for keeping deer. In medieval times the prime purpose was for hunting.

monument Word or Phrase:PARK HOME *  
Definition:A prefrabicated home sited in parks where a pitch fee is charged. Although technically mobile they usually only make one journey before being permanently installed.

monument Word or Phrase:PARK PALE *  
Definition:A wooden stake fence, often associated with deer hunting.

monument Word or Phrase:PARK WALL *  
Definition:A stone or brick wall enclosing a park.

monument Word or Phrase:TANK PARK *  
Definition:A site where tanks and armoured fighting vehicles can be stored.

monument Word or Phrase:CAR PARK *  
Definition:A place where cars and other road vehicles may be parked and left.

monument Word or Phrase:PARK *  
Definition:An enclosed piece of land, generally large in area, used for hunting, the cultivation of trees, for grazing sheep and cattle or visual enjoyment. Use more specific type where known.

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