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monument Word or Phrase:TOWNSHIP BOUNDARY *  
Definition:The limit line of a township.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN DEFENCES *  
Definition:Defensive fortifications such as ramparts, ditches and stone walls, built to defend a town or city.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN QUARTER *  
Definition:A core part of a town or city that has or had a particular set of characteristics; for example an area of high status residences or an area where a particular industry/trade was centred.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN CROSS *  
Definition:A cross erected within a town, usually funded by the inhabitants.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN DITCH *  
Definition:A ditch constructed to surround a town for defensive purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN HOUSE *  
Definition:A gentry house in a town or city, either detached or in a terrace.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN GATE *  
Definition:A highly defensible gateway, usually of stone with two or more storeys, built into the defensive walls of a town or city.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN HALL *  
Definition:A large building used for the transaction of the public business of a town, the holding of courts of justice, entertainments and other activities.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN WALL *  
Definition:A fortified wall surrounding a town or city.

monument Word or Phrase:NEW TOWN *  
Definition:A settlement carefully planned from its inception and usually constructed in an area which was previously undeveloped. Many new towns were developed following the new towns Act 1946.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWNSHIP *  
Definition:Cluster of dwellings of medieval or later date (Scots)

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN *  
Definition:An assemblage of public and private buildings, larger than a village and having more complete and independent local government.

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