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monument Word or Phrase:AGRICULTURAL DWELLING *  
Definition:Buildings and structures inhabited by agricultural workers.

monument Word or Phrase:TRANSHUMANCE DWELLING *  
Definition:A house or shelter used by drovers, herders or shepherds during the seasonal moving of livestock from the highlands to the lowlands. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CLERICAL DWELLING *  
Definition:Residences of religious people and members of the clergy.

monument Word or Phrase:MONASTIC DWELLING *  
Definition:A residence for a member of a religious community eg. Abbot, Prior, Manciple etc. For multiple occupancy use more specific term eg. DORMITORY.

monument Word or Phrase:MULTIPLE DWELLING *  
Definition:Buildings designed for the accommodation of large numbers of people, rather than single families, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:ROCK CUT DWELLING *  
Definition:A dwelling cut into the rockface of a cliff or hillside, often with a built frontage. Many date from the Medieval period and are still in use in some areas of the country.

monument Word or Phrase:ANIMAL DWELLING *  
Definition:Including accommodation for animals, birds, reptiles and fish in captivity.

monument Word or Phrase:CELLAR DWELLING *  
Definition:A basement or cellar, usually within a house, leased as a separate dwelling.

monument Word or Phrase:MODEL DWELLING *  
Definition:Flats or houses first built by 19th century philanthropic societies as a model to encourage the development of approved working class housing.

monument Word or Phrase:PILE DWELLING *  
Definition:A dwelling built on marshy, boggy or waterlogged land using timber piles driven vertically into the ground to raise the floor above the ground to prevent flooding.

monument Word or Phrase:DWELLING *  
Definition:Places of residence.

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