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monument Word or Phrase:FIRST FLOOR HALL HOUSE *  
Definition:A high status building of the medieval period, consisting of a hall and attached room at first floor level with rooms below possibly for storage or living accommodation for a lower status family. The first floor was accessed by an external staircase.

Definition:A factory making laminate flooring.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE DRESSING FLOOR *  
Definition:A place where stone is dressed or shaped for use in building, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOORCLOTH FACTORY *  
Definition:A factory where floorcloths are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:TESSELLATED FLOOR *  
Definition:Floor cover in Roman time, where small cubes (tesserea) of one or more colours were laid in a geometric pattern.

monument Word or Phrase:THRESHING FLOOR *  
Definition:An area of a barn, paved or boarded, on which corn was threshed by hand flailing. Use broader site type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CRUSHING FLOOR *  
Definition:An area used for crushing mineral ore or stone. Often includes mechanically powered ore crushers.

monument Word or Phrase:DRESSING FLOOR *  
Definition:The place where metallic ores were crushed and washed to remove waste, forming a concentrate which could be used in a smelter.

monument Word or Phrase:CASTING FLOOR *  
Definition:A floor area, covered in sand, onto which hot metal from a furnace is cast.

monument Word or Phrase:WASHING FLOOR *  
Definition:Open-air area often terraced on which a range of ore processing operations are carried out.

monument Word or Phrase:DOCK FLOOR *  
Definition:The bottom of a dock.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOOR *  
Definition:A layer of stone, brick or boards, etc, on which people tread. Use broader site type where known.

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