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monument Word or Phrase:SINGLE AISLED BARN *  
Definition:A barn in which a central space is separated from a side aisle by posts and braces.

monument Word or Phrase:TIMBER FRAMED BARN *  
Definition:A barn which is constructed with a timber framework; between the members are panels which are infilled with timber, wattle and daub, plaster, brickwork, stone or other materials.

monument Word or Phrase:MIXING HOUSE BARN *  
Definition:A barn with steam powered threshing.

monument Word or Phrase:COMBINATION BARN *  
Definition:A threshing barn which also houses farm animals and is somethimes used to stotre grain, house carts and other functions.

monument Word or Phrase:THRESHING BARN *  
Definition:A barn usually containing a single, central threshing floor.

monument Word or Phrase:BARN PLATFORM *  
Definition:A levelled area of ground on which a barn is built. A platform is often the sole surviving evidence for a barn.

monument Word or Phrase:COPPICE BARN *  
Definition:Open sided barn for the storage of wood produced by the periodic cutting of small trees.

monument Word or Phrase:STADDLE BARN *  
Definition:A threshing barn, usually timber framed which is raised on staddle stones.

monument Word or Phrase:AISLED BARN *  
Definition:A barn in which a central space is separated from side aisles by posts and braces.

monument Word or Phrase:GRANGE BARN *  
Definition:A barn belonging to, or associated with, a grange.

monument Word or Phrase:CRUCK BARN *  
Definition:A barn in which a pair of curved timbers form a bowed A-frame which supports the roof independently of the walls.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD BARN *  
Definition:An isolated barn, cow house or shelter shed with a hayloft. Typically found in areas where farmsteads and fields were sited at a long distance from each other.

monument Word or Phrase:TITHE BARN *  
Definition:A large barn used to store the tithe (a tenth part of the annual produce of agriculture etc.) which was paid by the tenants of ecclesiastical lands.

monument Word or Phrase:BANK BARN *  
Definition:A multi-purpose, two-storey barn, built on a hillside with entrances at both levels to a first floor threshing barn and ground floor animal housing.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOL BARN *  
Definition:A barn used for the storage and drying of wool.

monument Word or Phrase:HAY BARN *  
Definition:A special type of barn, lacking a threshing floor, usually with open walls, intended for the dry and well ventilated storage of hay only.

monument Word or Phrase:HOP BARN *  
Definition:A barn used to store hops.

monument Word or Phrase:BARN *  
Definition:A building for the storage and processing of grain crops and for housing straw, farm equipment and occasionally livestock and their fodder. Use more specific type where known.

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