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monument Word or Phrase:WOOD WORKERS WORKSHOP *  
Definition:A workshop in which products are made using wood and timber.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD PROCESSING SITE *  
Definition:Includes processing and manufacturing of all forms of wood.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD CHEMICAL WORKS *  
Definition:A factory or works used for the production of turpentine, wood alcohol and similar chemicals by the distillation of pulped wood.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD PRODUCT SITE *  
Definition:Manufacture and use of wood side products, ie. unprocessed wood rather than processed timber.

monument Word or Phrase:MANAGED WOODLAND *  
Definition:An area of cultivated, managed woodland producing wood which is used for a variety of purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD DRYING KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used for the drying of wood.

monument Word or Phrase:WOODWORKING SITE *  
Definition:A site where unprocessed wood is used to manufacture goods.

monument Word or Phrase:WOODLAND GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden created within woodland where imported species such as camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:WOODWORKERS HUT *  
Definition:A hut used by a person who makes items from wood. Often found in a woodland setting.

monument Word or Phrase:WOODEN ROAD *  
Definition:A road surface made out of wooden blocks or planks. It was much used in English cities before 1940, but the cost of wooden blocks eventually made it uneconomical.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD BANK *  
Definition:An earthen bank indicating the limit of a wood or coppice

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD SHED *  
Definition:A building or room in which wood is stored.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD *  
Definition:A tract of land with trees, sometimes acting as a boundary or barrier, usually smaller and less wild than a forest.

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