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Definition:A camp providing accommodation for members of the Canadian Forestry Corps along with facilities such as saw mills for the sawing and squaring of timber to create pit props, shoring, crates etc for the war effort.

monument Word or Phrase:SUBMARINE FOREST *  
Definition:A forest killed by rising sea-level. Nowadays only tree stumps survive.

monument Word or Phrase:HUNTING FOREST *  
Definition:An area of land, heavily though not totally covered with trees, set aside for the royal hunt by Norman and Plantagenet kings.

monument Word or Phrase:FOREST COURT *  
Definition:A medieval court established for the administration of forest law.

monument Word or Phrase:FOREST LODGE *  
Definition:A building associated with the legal administration of a forest, eg. forest of Dean.

monument Word or Phrase:FOREST *  
Definition:A large tract of land covered with trees and interspersed with open areas of land. Traditionally forests were owned by the monarchy and had their own laws.

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