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monument Word or Phrase:ROAD TRANSPORT DEPOT *  
Definition:A place where goods and merchandise are temporarily stored before being transported to or from somewhere by road.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD TRANSPORT SITE *  
Definition:Buildings, sites and structures associated with road transport.

monument Word or Phrase:ROADSIDE LIGHTHOUSE *  
Definition:A lighted pillar or LIGHTHOUSE, eg. Dunston Pillar, Lincs., erected in 1751 to guide travellers over the heath.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:The entrance to a road tunnel, sometimes of a grand construction.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOATING ROADWAY *  
Definition:A section of roadway attached at one end to a harbour or dockside and ending at a landing stage, rising and falling with the tide, for the loading and unloading of vehicles and pedestrians.

monument Word or Phrase:PACKHORSE ROAD *  
Definition:Narrow, rough tracks often over upland routes used by packhorse trains to carry goods.

monument Word or Phrase:APPROACH ROAD *  
Definition:A road, sometimes raised as a causeway, which serves as an approach road to a building or bridge.

monument Word or Phrase:MILITARY ROAD *  
Definition:A road used primarily, but not exclusively, for the rapid transport of military vehicles, equipment and personnel.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD JUNCTION *  
Definition:A place where two or more roads meet.

monument Word or Phrase:COBBLED ROAD *  
Definition:A road or street covered with small, rounded cobble stones.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD VIADUCT *  
Definition:A bridge, usually resting on raised arches, carrying a road across low-lying land or water.

monument Word or Phrase:CORPSE ROAD *  
Definition:A road, used traditionally for the transportation of a corpse to a place of burial.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge carrying a road over land or water.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD TUNNEL *  
Definition:A tunnel running under a river or through a hill along which vehicles may travel.

monument Word or Phrase:WOODEN ROAD *  
Definition:A road surface made out of wooden blocks or planks. It was much used in English cities before 1940, but the cost of wooden blocks eventually made it uneconomical.

monument Word or Phrase:DROVE ROAD *  
Definition:A road or track specifically used by drovers or herders to drive their animals to market.

monument Word or Phrase:MINED ROAD *  
Definition:A road which has had mines placed within its structure to enable it to be destroyed in the event of an invasion.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD SIGN *  
Definition:A sign, often mounted on a post next to a roadside, giving directions or other instructions.

monument Word or Phrase:ROADBLOCK *  
Definition:A combination of obstructions, used either to stop enemy forces or force them off the road.

monument Word or Phrase:TOLL ROAD *  
Definition:A road whose upkeep and repair was financed by the exaction of a toll.

monument Word or Phrase:ROADWAY *  
Definition:The central part of a road between the pavements or the verges.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD *  
Definition:A way between different places, used by horses, travellers on foot and vehicles.

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