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Definition:A place where architectural ornaments such as stone vases and urns are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHAEOLOGICAL FEATURE *  
Definition:Use only for features assumed to be archaeological but which cannot be identified more precisely without further investigation .Use more specific term where known

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHITECTURAL FRAGMENT *  
Definition:Use more specific term where known.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL *  
Definition:An educational establishment where the art and theory of building and construction is taught.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHBISHOPS PALACE *  
Definition:The official residence of an archbishop, eg. Lambeth Palace.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHERY GROUND *  
Definition:An open flat gound where the sport of shooting with bow and arrows is pursued. The ground can be equipped with targets mounted on butts and various fixed distance marker.

monument Word or Phrase:TRIUMPHAL ARCH *  
Definition:A large free-standing arch erected to commemorate a triumph or victory.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHERY BUTTS *  
Definition:A mound or structure on which targets are placed for archery practice or competition.

source Word or Phrase:Post Med Arch  
Definition:Post Medieval Archaeology is the journal of The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology. The society was founded in 1967 and aims to promote the archaeology of late Medieval to industrial society in Britain, Europe and countries influenced by European colonialism. The journal is published annually.

source Word or Phrase:Archaeologia  
Definition:Archaeologia, a journal published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. The journals contain articles relating to the archaeology of Britain and Europe. Recent copies are held at the Warwickshire Sites and Monuments Record.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHDEACONRY *  
Definition:The residence and office of an archdeacon.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCH BRIDGE *  
Definition:A curved structural span which is supported at the sides or ends. May vary in shape from the horizontal flat arch through semicircular and semielliptical forms.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCH DAM *  
Definition:A curved dam usually built of concrete and designed with the curve upstream so that the force of the water compresses the structure and strengthens it as it pushes it into its foundations. Arch dams are best suited to narrow gorges

source Word or Phrase:Med Arch  
Definition:Medieval Archaeology, the journal of the Society for Medieval Archaeology, contains articles about post-Roman archaeology throughout Europe. It is published once each year.

monument Word or Phrase:POT ARCH *  
Definition:Type of furnace used in the glass industry to pre-heat glass in crucibles, prior to the main melt. This may have been a separtate structure, or may have been part of the main furnace. All periods from the Roman onwards.

source Word or Phrase:Arch J  
Definition:The Archaeological Journal is published by the Royal Archaeological Institute. It presents the results of archaeological and architectural survey and fieldwork on sites and monuments of all periods as well as overviews of such work. The journal is published annually.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCH *  
Definition:A structure over an opening usually formed of wedge-shaped blocks of brick or stone held together by mutual pressure and supported at the sides; they can also be formed from moulded concrete/ cast metal. A component; use for free-standing structure only.

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