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monument Word or Phrase:METAL PRODUCTION FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace where metal is manufactured from ore.

monument Word or Phrase:REVERBERATORY FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace in which the flame is turned back over the substance to be heated.

monument Word or Phrase:ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE *  
Definition:A refractory lined furnace in which an electric arc is struck between the electrode and the metal to be melted.

monument Word or Phrase:CEMENTATION FURNACE *  
Definition:Large open hearth furnace often located inside a brick cone for use in steelmaking.

monument Word or Phrase:CUPELLATION FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace used for the refining of precious metals. eg. the separation of silver from argentiferous lead.

monument Word or Phrase:OPEN HEARTH FURNACE *  
Definition:A form of blast furnace. Steel is smelted in an open hearth while the waste gases are used to preheat the air blast.

monument Word or Phrase:VENTILATION FURNACE *  
Definition:Small furnace, used to create an upward draught of air in mine workings.

monument Word or Phrase:ANNEALING FURNACE *  
Definition:For reheating of worked metal or glass to make it malleable or to harden it after use for toolmaking, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:CHAMPIONS FURNACE *  
Definition:A zinc smelting furnace patented by William Champion of Bristol in 1738 for the reduction of zinc from zinc oxide by means of condensing.

monument Word or Phrase:CRUCIBLE FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace composed of two fire brick boxes: the fire was in the lower box and the upper box held the crucibles. Used in the manufacture of steel.

monument Word or Phrase:FRITTING FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace for the calcining and roasting of a mixture of sand and fluxes as a preparatory stage in glass-making.

monument Word or Phrase:PUDDLING FURNACE *  
Definition:A reverberatory furnace used for forging wrought iron from pig iron using coal as fuel.

monument Word or Phrase:CUPOLA FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace used for melting metals for casting or for heating shot.

monument Word or Phrase:WINGED FURNACE *  
Definition:In the glass industry, a furnace of Lorraine Type, comprising a central rectangular melting furnace with ancillary structures at each corner, adjacent to the fires. Post-Mediaeval until superceded by coal-fired furnaces.

monument Word or Phrase:BLAST FURNACE *  
Definition:Smelting furnace into which compressed hot air is driven.

monument Word or Phrase:GLASS FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace for the manufacture of glass. Includes glass cones, open hearth and oil-fired furnaces.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace constructed as a shaft with the fire at the bottom and the fuel and ore added from the top.

monument Word or Phrase:BOWL FURNACE *  
Definition:A small, open air bowl-shaped furnace, in which the flames are fanned by bellows. Used for both ferrous and non-ferrous smelting.

monument Word or Phrase:FURNACE POND *  
Definition:A pond used as a water supply for the operation of a furnace or blast furnace.

monument Word or Phrase:IRON FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace used for smelting or re-heating of iron, either for casting or for further working.

monument Word or Phrase:LEAD FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace used for the smelting or reheating of lead.

monument Word or Phrase:TANK FURNACE *  
Definition:An enclosed furnace used for the continuous casting of plate glass.

monument Word or Phrase:FURNACE *  
Definition:A chamber in which minerals, metals, etc, are subjected to the continuous action of intense heat. Use specific type where known.

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