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monument Word or Phrase:OPEN HEARTH FURNACE *  
Definition:A form of blast furnace. Steel is smelted in an open hearth while the waste gases are used to preheat the air blast.

monument Word or Phrase:PITCH MAKING HEARTH *  
Definition:A hearth constructed specifically for the manufacture of pitch.

monument Word or Phrase:ROASTING HEARTH *  
Definition:A hearth for roasting metallic ore, usually non ferrous, before smelting.

monument Word or Phrase:ELLING HEARTH *  
Definition:Small stone hearth set up in a shallow pit. Burns vegetation and coppiced twigs to produce potash.

monument Word or Phrase:SILVER HEARTH *  
Definition:Ore hearth specifically for the refining of silver.

monument Word or Phrase:SLAG HEARTH *  
Definition:A hearth used for the reheating of metal slag to extract further metal.

monument Word or Phrase:ORE HEARTH *  
Definition:A furnace for smelting ore in which the fuel and ore are mixed.

monument Word or Phrase:HEARTH *  
Definition:The slab or place on which a fire is made.

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