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monument Word or Phrase:ORNAMENTAL POND *  
Definition:A small artificial pond of water often found in parks and gardens, for decorative purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:SWANNERY POND *  
Definition:A pond located at or near a swannery.

monument Word or Phrase:BALLAST POND *  
Definition:A water-filled hole used for the disposal of aggregate originally used as ballast in ships.

monument Word or Phrase:COOLING POND *  
Definition:A pond used for dissipating heat by evaporation from steam engine condensate. Mid 19th century to mid 20th century.

monument Word or Phrase:DIPPING POND *  
Definition:A small pond, usually circular and serving as a feature at the centre of a walled garden, used for the purpose of filling watering cans.

monument Word or Phrase:DUCKING POND *  
Definition:A pond used for the punishment, by ducking in water, of offenders.

monument Word or Phrase:FURNACE POND *  
Definition:A pond used as a water supply for the operation of a furnace or blast furnace.

monument Word or Phrase:RETTING POND *  
Definition:A pit used for the prolonged steeping of the flax plant in water to separate the fibres from the wood.

monument Word or Phrase:HAMMER POND *  
Definition:Pond, created specifically for providing power to water-powered forges, blast furnaces, helve or other hammers.

monument Word or Phrase:POND BARROW *  
Definition:A monument featuring an artificial circular shallow depression surrounded by a bank which runs around the rim of the depression.

monument Word or Phrase:TIMBER POND *  
Definition:Pond for storing cut lengths of timber to prevent them becoming seasoned.

monument Word or Phrase:DECOY POND *  
Definition:A pond or pool with arms covered with nets into which wild birds, are lured and then caught. Monument type includes water feeder channels.

monument Word or Phrase:DUCK POND *  
Definition:A pond with protection for nesting ducks and other wild fowl

monument Word or Phrase:LILY POND *  
Definition:A water pond in which lilies are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:MAST POND *  
Definition:A pond with underwater arches where the poles for masts were stored to prevent them from drying and splitting.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL POND *  
Definition:The area of water retained above a mill dam for driving a mill.

monument Word or Phrase:SALT POND *  
Definition:A shallow pond containing salt water and used for the manufacture of salt through the evaporation process. For metal vessels associated with the DIRECT BOILING and SLEECHING SALT WORKS use SALT PAN.

monument Word or Phrase:ICE POND *  
Definition:A shallow pond, often located near an ICEHOUSE, built to provide ice during the winter.

monument Word or Phrase:PEN POND *  
Definition:A pond storing water to supply a HAMMER POND.

monument Word or Phrase:POND BAY *  
Definition:Form of dam, usually associated with ponds supplying water for blast furnaces.

monument Word or Phrase:POND *  
Definition:A body of still water often artificially formed for a specific purpose. Use specifc type where known.

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