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monument Word or Phrase:MILLSTONE WORKING SITE *  
Definition:A site where millstones have been cut to shape and/or fabricated from smaller pieces of stone.

monument Word or Phrase:POST MILL ROUNDHOUSE *  
Definition:A circular or octagonal building at the base of a post mill to provide storage space and to give protection to the superstructure. The roundhouse is not attached to the mill itself. Some roundhouses were later converted for domestic purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:CLOTH DRESSING MILL *  
Definition:Cloth finishing process using machinery to raise the nap of the cloth before shearing.

monument Word or Phrase:HORIZONTAL AIR MILL *  
Definition:A type of tower mill, either with turbine-type sails able to take wind from any direction, or with sails working with shrouds to direct wind from one direction. The sails directly drove millstones set beneath them.

monument Word or Phrase:ROOM AND POWER MILL *  
Definition:A type of textile mill found in Lancashire in the 19th century. Small businesses paid the owner rent for space for their machines, and power from the mill engine or waterwheel.

monument Word or Phrase:CANNON BORING MILL *  
Definition:A building used for drilling out the bores of cannon and other military pieces.

monument Word or Phrase:INCORPORATING MILL *  
Definition:A stone edge-runner grinding machine or mill used for mechanically grinding and mixing the ingredients of gunpowder.

monument Word or Phrase:WALKING STICK MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the manufacture of walking sticks.

monument Word or Phrase:MULTI STOREY MILL *  
Definition:A mill, on two or more levels.

monument Word or Phrase:RAG GRINDING MILL *  
Definition:A mill in which textile rags were ground, either to enable the fibres to be respun or to use the pulp in the manufacture of paper.

monument Word or Phrase:CHINA STONE MILL *  
Definition:A mill where china stone is grinded.

monument Word or Phrase:COMBINATION MILL *  
Definition:A flour mill using both stones and rollers to produce flour and, perhaps mainly from the stones, animal feed from grains other than wheat.

monument Word or Phrase:HOLLOW POST MILL *  
Definition:A post mill in which the drive is taken down to the base of the mill by putting an upright shaft in the hollowed post.

monument Word or Phrase:PAPER YARN MILL *  
Definition:Factory where yarn is made from paper.

monument Word or Phrase:SAND PAPER MILL *  
Definition:A mill for producing abravive papers and cloths such as glass paper or emery cloth.

monument Word or Phrase:SCRIBBLING MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the preparation of raw fleece etc, for spinning by a coarse form of carding.

monument Word or Phrase:BOMBASINE MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the manufacture of twilled dress material of worsted with or without a mixture of cotton or silk.

monument Word or Phrase:MANGANESE MILL *  
Definition:An mill in which manganese was ground to a powder between two horizontal millstones.

monument Word or Phrase:SCUTCHING MILL *  
Definition:A mill for the removal by mechanical means of the dried wood and seeds of the flax and cotton plants after retting. The resulting 'tow' is then spun into linen and cotton respectively.

monument Word or Phrase:THRESHING MILL *  
Definition:A mill which contains machinery for separating grain from the chaff.

monument Word or Phrase:BEETLING MILL *  
Definition:A finishing process for cloth involving the pounding of the cloth with heavy weights.

monument Word or Phrase:CALAMINE MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the preparation and production of Calamine.

monument Word or Phrase:CALENDER MILL *  
Definition:Finishing process for cloth, especially linen, running the cloth between heavy rollers.

monument Word or Phrase:CRUSHING MILL *  
Definition:A building containing mechanically powered ore crushers or rollers.

monument Word or Phrase:DOUBLING MILL *  
Definition:A textile factory where the process of doubling, the twisting together of two spun yarns, takes place.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAINAGE MILL *  
Definition:Wind or water-powered mill for land drainage in fens or marshlands.

monument Word or Phrase:DRESSING MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the sizing and drying of warp threads before they were wound onto warp beams as part of the power-weaving process.

monument Word or Phrase:OILCLOTH MILL *  
Definition:A mill in which oilcloth (a heavy cotton or linen cloth with a linseed oil coating) was produced.

monument Word or Phrase:SLITTING MILL *  
Definition:A mill with machinery used to cut slabs of metal into rods, or thin sections, for use in nail making or wire drawing.

monument Word or Phrase:SPINNING MILL *  
Definition:A mill or factory in which raw cotton, wool, nylon or other material is spun into yarn or thread.

monument Word or Phrase:STAMPING MILL *  
Definition:Building or structure housing a form of ore crushing device associated with tin mines.

monument Word or Phrase:TAPESTRY MILL *  
Definition:A factory where tapestries were manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:THROWING MILL *  
Definition:A textile mill where thread undergoes the processes of twisting and doubling to provide material strong enough to be spun and woven.

monument Word or Phrase:BARILLA MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the preparation of Barilla, an ash of burnt seaweed that was used for the production of soda.

monument Word or Phrase:BARYTES MILL *  
Definition:A mill in which barytes concentrates were ground to fine white powder, normally by use of flat millstones similar to those of a corn mill.

monument Word or Phrase:BATTERY MILL *  
Definition:Mill incorporating water-powered hammers for beating brass sheet, etc. into vessels, pots, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:BLANKET MILL *  
Definition:A factory where lengths of soft, woollen cloth, loosely woven to retain heat, used as a bed covering, were manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:CARDING MILL *  
Definition:A small workshop, employing up to 10 men, working on hand-operated carding engines and hand jennies, spinning yarn for handloom weavers.

monument Word or Phrase:CLINKER MILL *  
Definition:A mill which ground clinker in the cement production process. During cement production a mixture of lime and clay is burnt which forms a clinker which is then ground into powder. When mixed with water it solidifies to hard cement.

monument Word or Phrase:CRAZING MILL *  
Definition:Mill for fine grinding of tin ore between millstones.

monument Word or Phrase:FULLING MILL *  
Definition:A mill for beating and cleaning cloth, using soap or fullers earth.

monument Word or Phrase:JIGGING MILL *  
Definition:A mill used to dress ore by means of a jigging machine.

monument Word or Phrase:LOGWOOD MILL *  
Definition:A mill used to process logwood, the inner red wood of a South American tree used widely in dyeing. Imported in the form of logs and cut and ground into dye by a mechanical process.

monument Word or Phrase:MUSTARD MILL *  
Definition:A mill where mustard is produced.

monument Word or Phrase:PLANING MILL *  
Definition:Mill for producing a smooth surface and edges on newly sawn timber.

monument Word or Phrase:PLASTER MILL *  
Definition:A factory where rock gypsum is ground into a powder used in the production of plaster.

monument Word or Phrase:ROLLING MILL *  
Definition:A mill in which sets of rollers were used to roll metal to set thicknesses or shapes such as rails, beams or rods.

monument Word or Phrase:TEXTILE MILL *  
Definition:Any factory used for the manufacture of textiles.

monument Word or Phrase:TURBINE MILL *  
Definition:A mill which is powered by a turbine.

monument Word or Phrase:WADDING MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the production of wadding, as opposed to yarn or cloth. Often associated with steam or water power.

monument Word or Phrase:WEAVING MILL *  
Definition:A factory, incorporating power driven machinery from the late 18th century, where cloth was manufactured from threads interlaced at right angles to each other in a loom.

monument Word or Phrase:WHITING MILL *  
Definition:A building housing machinery for crushing chalk for whiting. Whiting was used in toothpaste, paint, tablets, putty and other products.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOLLEN MILL *  
Definition:A factory where short wool was spun into woollen yarn to produce cloth.

monument Word or Phrase:WORSTED MILL *  
Definition:A factory where worsted, a well-twisted woollen yarn made from long staple wool and used in the manufacture of suits and other garments, was produced.

monument Word or Phrase:ALPACA MILL *  
Definition:A mill where long-staple hair, often from llamas, is made into yarn.

monument Word or Phrase:BOBBIN MILL *  
Definition:A mill manufacturing bobbins for the textile industry.

monument Word or Phrase:BORING MILL *  
Definition:A building containing a machine tool for boring out large cylindrical holes in items such as steam engine cylinders, pump barrels, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:BUTTON MILL *  
Definition:A factory where buttons are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:CALICO MILL *  
Definition:Textile mill producing calico, ie. coarse, unbleached cotton cloth.

monument Word or Phrase:CARPET MILL *  
Definition:A factory where carpets are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:COLOUR MILL *  
Definition:Grinding mill for producing dyes and pigments from natural materials.

monument Word or Phrase:COTTON MILL *  
Definition:Usually a cotton spinning factory, although some mills have weaving sheds attached, in which case the end product is completed cloth, not yarn only.

monument Word or Phrase:HAMMER MILL *  
Definition:A mill, including a forge and powered hammers where hot metal is shaped by hammering and rolling.

monument Word or Phrase:MORTAR MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the production of mortar; a combination of sand, lime and water, used to make the joints between courses of bricks in buildings. In more recent times cement has replaced lime to create a quicker drying mortar.

monument Word or Phrase:NEEDLE MILL *  
Definition:A mill or works where needles were manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:PENCIL MILL *  
Definition:A factory where pencils are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:ROLLER MILL *  
Definition:A grain grinding mill in which the meal is ground into flour between revolving metal rolls.

monument Word or Phrase:SCYTHE MILL *  
Definition:A factory used for the manufacture of scythes.

monument Word or Phrase:SHODDY MILL *  
Definition:A mill in which poor quality woollen cloth was made from fibres produced by grinding light woollen rags.

monument Word or Phrase:STARCH MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the extraction and processing of starch.

monument Word or Phrase:TIMBER MILL *  
Definition:A mill used to process raw timber.

monument Word or Phrase:BLOCK MILL *  
Definition:Building housing machinery used in the production of wooden pulley blocks for the rigging of sailing ships.

monument Word or Phrase:BOARD MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the production of cardboard and other similar products.

monument Word or Phrase:CIDER MILL *  
Definition:A HORSE GIN used for domestic cider manufacture, especially on farms.

monument Word or Phrase:CREPE MILL *  
Definition:A textile mill where crepe is manufactured.Crepe is a fine cloth particularly silk or mixture of silk and cotton.

monument Word or Phrase:FLINT MILL *  
Definition:A mill for crushing flint. Crushed flint was used in the manufacture of pottery in order to whiten and strengthen the body of earthenware pottery.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOCK MILL *  
Definition:A mill for shredding cloth, for use in flock paper, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOUR MILL *  
Definition:A factory where flour was produced for use in food products.

monument Word or Phrase:LINEN MILL *  
Definition:A mill where flax fibres were woven into linen cloth.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL HOUSE *  
Definition:The residence of a miller, often attached to a mill.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL LODGE *  
Definition:A northern term for water reservoirs at steam powered industrial sites that are part of the steam raising plant and are used for recirculating condenser cooling water. The lodge had to be large enough to supply the condenser with cool water for a day.

monument Word or Phrase:MUNGO MILL *  
Definition:A mill for the manufacture of low grade cloth made from ground-up heavy woollen rags.

monument Word or Phrase:OCHRE MILL *  
Definition:A mill for grinding ochre for the paint making process.

monument Word or Phrase:PAPER MILL *  
Definition:A factory where paper is made. Use with power type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:PUTTY MILL *  
Definition:A factory where putty, used as a means of securing windows and for setting plumbing fixtures, is produced from a combination of whiting and oil.

monument Word or Phrase:SCREW MILL *  
Definition:A factory used for the manufacture of screws.

monument Word or Phrase:SMELT MILL *  
Definition:A manufacturing complex incorporating furnaces, calciner and condenser flues. Use SMELTERY for more modern type of plant.

monument Word or Phrase:SMOCK MILL *  
Definition:A windmill with a stationary timber body which contains the grinding machinery, and which supports a rotating cap in which the sails rotate.

monument Word or Phrase:SNUFF MILL *  
Definition:A factory where tobacco was ground to form snuff.

monument Word or Phrase:STEAM MILL *  
Definition:A steam-powered factory.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE MILL *  
Definition:A flour mill which uses one or more pairs of horizontal millstones to grind wheat into flour which millers call a æsudden deathÆ process; within not more than 90 seconds complete wheat grain becomes wholemeal flour.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWER MILL *  
Definition:A windmill with a rotating cap containing the windshaft, and a stationary body in the form of a tower.

monument Word or Phrase:TWEED MILL *  
Definition:A factory where tweed, a twilled woollen fabric with an unfinished surface, is manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:TWIST MILL *  
Definition:A mill in which strands of yarn are twisted together to produce a strong thread with a uniform thickness.

monument Word or Phrase:BARK MILL *  
Definition:Mill for grinding bark usually for use in the tanning industry. Use with power type(s), eg. WATERMILL where known.

monument Word or Phrase:BONE MILL *  
Definition:A mill for grinding or crushing bones, in the process of making bone china, for example.

monument Word or Phrase:CLAY MILL *  
Definition:A factory containing machinery for processing clay for the manufacture of bricks, tiles or pottery.

monument Word or Phrase:CLOG MILL *  
Definition:A factory or site where wooden clogs are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:COMB MILL *  
Definition:A water-powered forge or wire mill which manufactured metal wire combs for use in the textile industry.

monument Word or Phrase:CORN MILL *  
Definition:A mill for grinding corn. Use with power type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:FEED MILL *  
Definition:A building or site for the manufacture of livestock fodder.

monument Word or Phrase:FELT MILL *  
Definition:A textile mill where felt is produced.

monument Word or Phrase:FLAX MILL *  
Definition:A mill where flax is processed to make linen, thread and yarn.

monument Word or Phrase:HEMP MILL *  
Definition:A factory where hemp, the woody stalk of the hemp plant, used for the making of coarse cloth and cordage, was processed.

monument Word or Phrase:JUTE MILL *  
Definition:A factory where jute (plant fibres), was used to make products such as hessian, sacking, cordage and backing materials for carpet and linoleum.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL POND *  
Definition:The area of water retained above a mill dam for driving a mill.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL RACE *  
Definition:The channel of water that provides a current of water to drive a millwheel.

monument Word or Phrase:MILLSTONE *  
Definition:One of a pair of large circular stones used for grinding corn in a mill.

monument Word or Phrase:POST MILL *  
Definition:A type of windmill, mainly timber-framed, whose body, containing machinery and carrying the sail, rotates about an upright post.

monument Word or Phrase:PULP MILL *  
Definition:Building housing the machinery for the shredding and grinding of wood in running water and pressing of the resulting fibres into a pulp.

monument Word or Phrase:SHED MILL *  
Definition:A single storey mill used in the textile industry.

monument Word or Phrase:SILK MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the mechanized processing of silk.

monument Word or Phrase:TAPE MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the manufacture of narrow strips of woven fabric used in the closing or fixing of garments, or for binding the edges of fabric goods.

monument Word or Phrase:TIDE MILL *  
Definition:A type of WATERMILL, powered by retaining seawater at high tide and then releasing it at low tide via the water wheel.

monument Word or Phrase:TUBE MILL *  
Definition:A plant used for the manufacture of tubes and tubing, from wrought iron or steel.

monument Word or Phrase:WIRE MILL *  
Definition:A factory where metal wire is manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:WOAD MILL *  
Definition:A mill for the processes of grinding, balling, couching, drying and packing of woad. The mill can be demountable, enabling it being located close to the fields, as woad crop has to be rotated and move to new fields as soon as the ground is exhausted.

monument Word or Phrase:YARN MILL *  
Definition:A building containing machinery for the spinning of yarn.

monument Word or Phrase:GIG MILL *  
Definition:A woollen mill in which the cloth was passed over rollers covered in short spikes to raise the nap in one direction only.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL DAM *  
Definition:A dam constructed across a stream to raise its water-level and make it available to power a mill wheel.

monument Word or Phrase:OIL MILL *  
Definition:A factory where fruit and seed oil is produced by an oil machine.

monument Word or Phrase:PIN MILL *  
Definition:A building or site used for the manufacture of pins.

monument Word or Phrase:PUG MILL *  
Definition:Machine, frequently horse powered, for mixing raw clay into brick earth.

monument Word or Phrase:RAG MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for grinding textile rags.

monument Word or Phrase:SAW MILL *  
Definition:A factory in which logs are converted to timber by running them through a series of saws.

monument Word or Phrase:TIN MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the processing of tin ore by crazing, stamping or smelting.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL *  
Definition:A factory used for processing raw materials. Use more specific mill type where known. See also TEXTILE MILL, for more narrow terms.

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