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monument Word or Phrase:WARRENERS LODGE *  
Definition:Accommodation for the warrener(s) usually located within the boundary of the Rabbit Warren. They also provided a place to store nets, traps and other necessary equipment.

monument Word or Phrase:CEMETERY LODGE *  
Definition:A small house or cottage at the entrance to a cemetery, usually occupied by a caretaker or gardener, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:FISHING LODGE *  
Definition:A garden building on an estate used by fishing parties.

monument Word or Phrase:HUNTING LODGE *  
Definition:A weekend retreat for Royal parties and others, when hunting in the Royal forests, or as a viewing station for the chase.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTERS LODGE *  
Definition:A small building used by the keeper of a castle, park, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:FOREST LODGE *  
Definition:A building associated with the legal administration of a forest, eg. forest of Dean.

monument Word or Phrase:MATCH LODGE *  
Definition:A building at the entrance to an factory manufacturing explosives where a person was searched for matches, prior to entering the workplace.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE LODGE *  
Definition:A dwelling, located at the entrance, or gates, to an estate or park, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:MILL LODGE *  
Definition:A northern term for water reservoirs at steam powered industrial sites that are part of the steam raising plant and are used for recirculating condenser cooling water. The lodge had to be large enough to supply the condenser with cool water for a day.

monument Word or Phrase:WINE LODGE *  
Definition:A public house licensed for the sale of wine and other alcoholic drinks.

monument Word or Phrase:LODGE *  
Definition:A small building, often inhabited by a gatekeeper, gamekeeper or similar. Use specific type where known.

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