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monument Word or Phrase:KEEP AND BAILEY CASTLE *  
Definition:A castle without a motte.

monument Word or Phrase:QUADRANGULAR CASTLE *  
Definition:A castle built on a simple, rectangular plan, usually with a tower at each corner. This design became common in England after 1300.

monument Word or Phrase:ADULTERINE CASTLE *  
Definition:A castle erected without permission, ie. without a royal licence to crenellate.

monument Word or Phrase:CONCENTRIC CASTLE *  
Definition:A castle surrounded by two or more lines of walled fortifications.

monument Word or Phrase:ARTILLERY CASTLE *  
Definition:Castles constructed between 1481 and 1561 for defence using heavy guns.

monument Word or Phrase:CLIFF CASTLE *  
Definition:An enclosure created by constructing one or more lines of ramparts across a promontory which projects into the sea.

monument Word or Phrase:SIEGE CASTLE *  
Definition:A temporary castle built to house and protect troops beseiging another castle or town.

monument Word or Phrase:CASTLE *  
Definition:A fortress and dwelling, usually medieval in origin, and often consisting of a keep, curtain wall and towers etc.

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