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monument Word or Phrase:LEVEL CROSSING GATE HUT *  
Definition:Hut for use at Level Crossings that were not adjacent to Signal Boxes.

monument Word or Phrase:LEVEL CROSSING GATE *  
Definition:A mechanized gate or barrier at a level crossing used to prevent road vehicles crossing a railway line when a train is approaching.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL GATEHOUSE *  
Definition:A gatehouse bridging a canal.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE GUARDIAN *  
Definition:A vehicle or aircraft placed at the entrance to a site as a symbolic guardian.

Word or Phrase:STARTING GATE *  
Definition:A gate or mechanism designed to allow animals which are being raced to start at the same time.

monument Word or Phrase:GATEMANS HUT *  
Definition:A small building used by a gatekeeper.

monument Word or Phrase:KISSING GATE *  
Definition:A small gate swinging in a U or V-shaped enclosure, which allows only one person to pass through at a time.

monument Word or Phrase:SLUICE GATE *  
Definition:The gate of a sluice which can be opened or shut to let out or retain the water.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE LODGE *  
Definition:A dwelling, located at the entrance, or gates, to an estate or park, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE TOWER *  
Definition:A tower, containing a gate, built into the walls of a town, castle or similar fortification.

monument Word or Phrase:WATER GATE *  
Definition:A gate leading to water, either a river or the sea. Used as a means of supplying castles, for example, with goods brought by water transport.

monument Word or Phrase:DOCK GATE *  
Definition:A gate used to seal the entrance to a dock to prevent water escaping from a wet dock or entering a dry dock.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE PIER *  
Definition:A pier of brick, masonry, etc, to which the hinges of a gate are attached.

monument Word or Phrase:GATEHOUSE *  
Definition:A gateway with one or more chambers over the entrance arch; the flanking towers housing stairs and additional rooms. Use with wider site type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:LOCK GATE *  
Definition:A large wooden gate, positioned at either end of a canal or river lock, equipped with sluices to let water through.

monument Word or Phrase:LYCH GATE *  
Definition:A covered gateway, at the entrance to a churchyard, where during a funeral a coffin could be set down until the vicar arrived.

monument Word or Phrase:STOP GATE *  
Definition:Pairs of canal gates (also called Brindley gates) designed to rapidly shut off a section of a canal to prevent flooding

monument Word or Phrase:TOLL GATE *  
Definition:A gate on a toll road where travellers had to pay a toll to the toll-keeper.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN GATE *  
Definition:A highly defensible gateway, usually of stone with two or more storeys, built into the defensive walls of a town or city.

monument Word or Phrase:GATEWAY *  
Definition:A substantial structure supporting or surrounding a gate. May be ornate or monumental, and have associated structures such as lodges, tollbooths, guard houses etc.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE *  
Definition:A movable stucture which enables or prevents entrance to be gained. Usually situated in a wall or similar barrier and supported by gate posts.

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