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monument Word or Phrase:TREE TRUNK COFFIN *  
Definition:A prehistoric coffin made out of a hollow tree trunk.

monument Word or Phrase:ANTI TANK COFFIN *  
Definition:Rectangular slabs of concrete with a sloping top usually with sides of 5 feet by 3 feet and 3 feet high which when placed in rows were intended to form a substantial barrier to enemy armoured divisions in the event of invasion.

monument Word or Phrase:COFFIN STONE *  
Definition:A stone found on route to a churchyard on which the coffin is rested during transportation.

monument Word or Phrase:COFFIN REST *  
Definition:A structure, often within a CHURCHYARD or LYCH GATE, on which a coffin could rest prior to burial.

monument Word or Phrase:COFFIN *  
Definition:A chest made of stone, wood or lead, used to enclose a dead body.

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