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monument Word or Phrase:HUGUENOT BURIAL GROUND *  
Definition:A place of burial for members of the French Protestant Church.

monument Word or Phrase:BAPTIST BURIAL GROUND *  
Definition:A cemetery for baptist followers.

monument Word or Phrase:CHOLERA BURIAL GROUND *  
Definition:A burial ground for victims of cholera.

monument Word or Phrase:FRIENDS BURIAL GROUND *  
Definition:A place of burial for members of the Religious Society of Friends, often known as Quakers.

monument Word or Phrase:ANIMAL BURIAL PIT *  
Definition:A place where dead animals are buried.

monument Word or Phrase:CREMATION BURIAL *  
Definition:The site of the formal burial of cremated bone, sometimes 'urned' in a vessel or casket of glass, wood or, more commonly, ceramic.

monument Word or Phrase:CHARCOAL BURIAL *  
Definition:Inhumation rite in which charcoal is included with the buried corpse, possibly in an attempt to preserve the body. Thought to be associated with high status burials of the early medieval and medieval period.

monument Word or Phrase:DEVIANT BURIAL *  
Definition:An interment of a human body that displays unusual burial practice such as positioning of the body, decapitation, dismemberment or over-secure burial.

monument Word or Phrase:ANIMAL BURIAL *  
Definition:Deliberate interment of a complete, or substantially complete, animal. Use the object type thesaurus term ANIMAL REMAINS where skeleton is fragmentary.

monument Word or Phrase:CASKET BURIAL *  
Definition:A Roman cremation burial in which the human cremated remains are placed inside or adjacent to a wooden casket, frequently decorated with lion-headed mounts and studs.

monument Word or Phrase:GYPSUM BURIAL *  
Definition:An inhumation burial in which the body is covered by a shroud, placed in a coffin of stone, wood or lead and covered with gypsum, plaster or lime. Roman and early Medieval.

monument Word or Phrase:BURIAL CAIRN *  
Definition:A stony mound containing or concealing deliberately deposited human remains. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:BURIAL VAULT *  
Definition:A built structure, generally below ground, designed for the interment of several burials over a period of time. Usually constructed with a door or sealed entrance to allow reopening for further burials.

monument Word or Phrase:CART BURIAL *  
Definition:A high status Iron Age grave in which a two or four wheeled vehicle accompanies a frequently richly furnished inhumation burial. A barrow may overlie the grave.

monument Word or Phrase:SHIP BURIAL *  
Definition:A burial in which the body is placed in, or covered by a boat, which is then covered with earth. Use with barrow type where relevant.

monument Word or Phrase:TILE BURIAL *  
Definition:An inhumation, usually Roman, which has been covered by tiles to form a tent-like structure over the body; the apex is covered by ridge tiles.

monument Word or Phrase:BED BURIAL *  
Definition:An inhumation burial in which the corpse is laid on a wooden bed, often surrounded by a collection of grave-goods. Anglo-Saxon rite of 7th century AD.

monument Word or Phrase:BOG BURIAL *  
Definition:A body which has been interred in boggy or marshy ground or other similarly waterlogged environment. Interment may have been deliberate or accidental.

monument Word or Phrase:BURIAL PIT *  
Definition:A place where dead bodies are buried together. Often unconsecrated ground.

monument Word or Phrase:BURIAL *  
Definition:An interment of human or animal remains. Use specific type where known. If component use with wider site type. Use FUNERARY SITE for optimum retrieval in searches.

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