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monument Word or Phrase:CANAL WORKERS COTTAGE *  
Definition:The residence of a canal worker.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL INCLINED PLANE *  
Definition:A prepared slope with rails on which boats can be transferred from one canal to another at a higher or lower level. The boats can either be floated in a caisson or carried in a cradle or sling.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL TRANSPORT SITE *  
Definition:Buildings and structures associated with canal transport.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:An often stately and ornate entrance to a canal tunnel.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOOD RELIEF CANAL *  
Definition:A channel dug, or built up, to carry away surplus water from a river or waterway to prevent it bursting its banks and flooding.

monument Word or Phrase:ORNAMENTAL CANAL *  
Definition:An artificial stretch of water, usually rectangular in shape, used decoratively, particularly in formal gardens, eg. Long Water, Hampton Court. Occasionally used to supply water to cascades.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL BOAT YARD *  
Definition:A place where canal boats are built and maintained.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL GATEHOUSE *  
Definition:A gatehouse bridging a canal.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL RESERVOIR *  
Definition:A supply of water used to keep canals that were vulnerable to water shortage topped up.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL WAREHOUSE *  
Definition:A large building, situated by or near a canal, used for the temporary storage of goods or merchandise awaiting transportation to or from the canal.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL DOCKYARD *  
Definition:An enclosure containing a dock, boat yard, warehouse, etc, in which canal vessels are built and repaired, and all sorts of stores and merchandise for transportation brought together.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL JUNCTION *  
Definition:A place where two artificial waterways meet each other.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL MILEPOST *  
Definition:A post set up alongside a canal to mark the miles to and from a place.

monument Word or Phrase:MILITARY CANAL *  
Definition:A canal built as a military obstacle, but also used for the transport of military stores, equipment and personnel.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge over a canal.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL FEEDER *  
Definition:A channel which feeds water from a reservoir into a canal when the water level gets low.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL OFFICE *  
Definition:A building or room, where business and/or administrative activities to do with the canals was conducted.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL SLUICE *  
Definition:A channel for taking a rapidly flowing stream of water away from a canal lock, or away from the canal itself.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL TUNNEL *  
Definition:A tunnel with a canal running through it.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL BASIN *  
Definition:An open area of water, usually artificial and enclosed by dock gates or locks, lined with wharves and warehouses, where barges, narrow boats and other canal vessels can load and unload goods and supplies.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL WHARF *  
Definition:A large wooden structure built alongside the edge of a canal where narrow boats may lie for the loading and unloading of goods.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL DOCK *  
Definition:An artificial area of open water, situated on a canal, enclosed by masonry and fitted with dock gates in which ships can be repaired, loaded/unloaded or berthed.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL LIFT *  
Definition:A massive structure designed to transfer canal boats between different canal or river navigations, eg. Anderton boat lift.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL LOCK *  
Definition:A rectangular chamber of brick or stone with heavy wooden gates at either end equipped with sluices to let water in and out, thereby enabling a canal boat to be lowered or raised to a different level.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL PORT *  
Definition:An inland settlement such as Runcorn, Ellesmere Port or Stourport, that combines docks and terminal facilities at the interface between land and canal transportation systems.

monument Word or Phrase:SHIP CANAL *  
Definition:A canal that can accommodate ocean-going ships, usually built across an isthmus or to give access to a river port e.g. Manchester ship canal

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL *  
Definition:An artificial navigable waterway used for the transportation of goods. Nowadays also used for recreational purposes.

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