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monument Word or Phrase:PORT AUTHORITY OFFICE *  
Definition:The office of the body controlling a harbour and docks.

monument Word or Phrase:RAILWAY TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:An often stately or ornate entrance to a railway tunnel.

monument Word or Phrase:TRAMWAY TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:The entrance to a tramway tunnel.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:An often stately and ornate entrance to a canal tunnel.

monument Word or Phrase:PORT ADMIRALS HOUSE *  
Definition:The residence of an admiral of a port.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTAL FRAMED SHED *  
Definition:Mass produced iron framed shed usually clad in metal sheeting.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:The entrance to a road tunnel, sometimes of a grand construction.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTABLE BUILDING *  
Definition:Prefabricated small building that is designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTAL DOLMEN *  
Definition:A megalithic tomb of Neolithic date comprising a chamber bounded by large upright orthostats, often only three or four in number, which support a large capstone.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTERS LODGE *  
Definition:A small building used by the keeper of a castle, park, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:TUNNEL PORTAL *  
Definition:The entrance to a tunnel. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTERS REST *  
Definition:A small structure comprising of a 'shelf' of wood or metal sitting on pillars and erected for the benefit of porters to allow them to rest their burdens.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL PORT *  
Definition:An inland settlement such as Runcorn, Ellesmere Port or Stourport, that combines docks and terminal facilities at the interface between land and canal transportation systems.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTCULLIS *  
Definition:A heavy grating, often made of wood or iron, usually lowered vertically as a defensive barrier at the entrance to a gatehouse or barbican.

monument Word or Phrase:RIVER PORT *  
Definition:A port situated on a river, often associated with a town or overland goods transport facilities.

monument Word or Phrase:PORTAL *  
Definition:A door, gate, doorway or gateway of grand or elaborate construction. Use specific type where possible.

monument Word or Phrase:PORT *  
Definition:A settlement area that combines a harbour and terminal facilities at the interface between land and water transportation systems.

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