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monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED TOMB *  
Definition:A Neolithic burial monument comprising a stone-built chamber within a mound of earth or stone. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CANOPIED TOMB *  
Definition:A tomb with a raised canopy over it.

monument Word or Phrase:ANIMAL TOMB *  
Definition:A burial site for an animal, usually commemorated by a gravestone or other structure.

monument Word or Phrase:CASKET TOMB *  
Definition:A grave marker in the form of a casket.

monument Word or Phrase:ALTAR TOMB *  
Definition:A tomb or memorial, resembling an altar, often with a recumbent effigy on top.

monument Word or Phrase:CHEST TOMB *  
Definition:A tomb designed in the form of a cist or stone box placed over a burial. Its outward form often reproduces the features of the classical sarcophagus or medieval effigy base.

monument Word or Phrase:TABLE TOMB *  
Definition:A type of tomb in the form of a slab raised on freestanding legs.

monument Word or Phrase:TOMBSTONE *  
Definition:A horizontal stone placed across a grave.

monument Word or Phrase:TOMB *  
Definition:A grave or sepulchre including a monument. Use specific type where known.

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