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Definition:A temporary settlement or shanty-town erected by railway construction workers or "navvys".

Definition:A settlement with evidence for several hut circles but clearly lacking an obvious boundary. Where it is not certain whether a boundary existed or not, use HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT. Characteristic of the later prehistoric period.

monument Word or Phrase:ENCLOSED HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement showing evidence for one or more hut circles, enclosed by a distinct boundary ditch, wall, earth rampart or similar barrier. Characteristic of the later prehistoric period.

monument Word or Phrase:WORKERS TEMPORARY SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A temporary settlement or encampment erected by construction workers (eg for reservoir construction).

monument Word or Phrase:HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement consisting of several hut circles, either grouped together or dispersed. Characteristic of the later prehistoric period. Use specific forms where supported by the available evidence. For isolated hut circles use hut circle.

monument Word or Phrase:UNENCLOSED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement without any obvious evidence for a boundary. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement site enclosed within a timber palisade.

monument Word or Phrase:DESERTED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:An abandoned settlement, usually of the Medieval period, often visible only as earthworks or on aerial photographs.

monument Word or Phrase:ENCLOSED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A site used primarily for domestic purposes on at least a semi-permanent or seasonal basis, and which has been surrounded by a bank and ditch, palisade, or some other form of enclosure. Use more specific type(s) where appropriate.

monument Word or Phrase:MORAVIAN SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A community of Protestant followers of Hussite doctrines, first founded by Moravian emigrants in Saxony, Germany.

monument Word or Phrase:SQUATTER SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A site occupied by people who have no legal right to the land or buildings on it.

monument Word or Phrase:PLANNED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement built to a pre-determined plan, including housing, infrastructure and associated amenities.

monument Word or Phrase:SCOOPED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement, usually enclosed, on a sloping hillside containing a number of oval or circular scopped house floors separated by walls or unexcavated ridges.

monument Word or Phrase:TRADING SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement used for trading.

monument Word or Phrase:LINEAR SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A group of related buildings, primarily with a domestic function, which is arranged along a principle axis such as a main road or routeway.

monument Word or Phrase:MODEL SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A planned village or settlement, usually developed by a philanthropic industrialist , to house workers. Most include facilities for the education and betterment of the workers and their families.

monument Word or Phrase:SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A small concentration of dwellings.

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