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monument Word or Phrase:UTOPIAN COMMUNITY VILLAGE *  
Definition:A model village built by a utopian society or group of artists.

monument Word or Phrase:AGGREGATE VILLAGE *  
Definition:A settlement whose plan suggests the aggregation of several formerly distinct settlement nuclei into a single settlement.

monument Word or Phrase:MIGRATED VILLAGE *  
Definition:The site of a deserted settlement in cases where there is evidence that it has deliberately been relocated in a single planned action, eg. to remove a settlement from an enclosed park, or to create a model community, as opposed to gradual abandonment.

monument Word or Phrase:SHRUNKEN VILLAGE *  
Definition:A settlement where previous house sites are now unoccupied, but often visible as earthworks, crop or soil marks.

monument Word or Phrase:SHIFTED VILLAGE *  
Definition:An extant settlement which shows evidence of a shift in focus, eg. towards a new road, generally in the form of abandoned buildings or earthworks on the margin furthest from the new focus.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE COLLEGE *  
Definition:A rural school serving a number of villages, built in Cambridgeshire in the 1930s.

monument Word or Phrase:WORKERS VILLAGE *  
Definition:A model village built in association with a factory, mill, railway, or any other industrial complex; usually built by the employer.

monument Word or Phrase:ESTATE VILLAGE *  
Definition:A purpose-built model village for the workers on a country house estate.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN VILLAGE *  
Definition:A village laid out systematically with spacious and garden-like surroundings.

monument Word or Phrase:RESORT VILLAGE *  
Definition:Model village built as a holiday resort.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE CROSS *  
Definition:A cross erected in a village.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE GREEN *  
Definition:An area of common grassland in a village used for grazing cattle, recreational purposes, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:LAKE VILLAGE *  
Definition:A settlement located on or near to the shores of a lake. Buildings associated with lake villages are usually raised on piles to prevent them from being flooded.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE HALL *  
Definition:A hall in a village used for meetings and other functions.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE SIGN *  
Definition:A decorative emblem stating the name of a village or town and depicting aspects of the place's history of culture. Most signs are mounted on a post and usually errected in a central position near the church or village green.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE TAP *  
Definition:A point in a village providing water for drinking and washing.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE *  
Definition:A collection of dwelling-houses and other buildings, usually larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town with a simpler organisation and administration than the latter.

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