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monument Word or Phrase:AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS SIGNAL BOX *  
Definition:A brick built railway signal box, usually with a reinforced correct roof, designed to minimize the effects of blast damage from aerial bombardment and thus protect the signalling equipment.

Definition:A building or site conducting research into communication techniques for use in the Royal Navy.

monument Word or Phrase:AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS SIGN *  
Definition:A sign used by the Air Raid Precautions network to assist in identifying vital equipment and resources in the event of an air raid or to aid movement during blackouts.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNALS GATHERING STATION *  
Definition:Buildings and structures associated with the acquisition of electronic signals for the purpose of intelligence gathering.

monument Word or Phrase:ADMIRALTY SIGNAL STATION *  
Definition:A building or site used for naval communications.

monument Word or Phrase:MILITARY SIGNALLING SITE *  
Definition:Buildings and structures used for sending and receiving signals.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNALLING STRUCTURE *  
Definition:Buildings and structures associated with signal communication.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNALLING BATTERY *  
Definition:A gun battery used to signal warnings to ships during bad weather.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNALMANS COTTAGE *  
Definition:The residence of a signalman.

monument Word or Phrase:RAILWAY SIGNAL *  
Definition:A structure with semaphore arms and/or coloured lights used as a means of warning on railway systems.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNAL STATION *  
Definition:A building or tower used to communicate information to shipping or other stations using signals such as flags, fires or lights. Roman signal stations took the form of a stone tower surrounded by a ditched enclosure and were used to warn of Saxon raids.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNAL SQUARE *  
Definition:A signalling structure used on WWII airfields, comprising a concrete square base with a kerbed border into which concrete signal symbols could be placed to advise pilots in the air of current airfield state e.g. directions of landing and airfield circuit.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNAL TOWER *  
Definition:A tower in a semaphore communication system. Often a three-storey building on a hill in line-of-sight, signal towers provided working and living space, usually for two crewmen with their families.

monument Word or Phrase:STATION SIGN *  
Definition:A board indicating the name of the railway station.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE SIGN *  
Definition:A decorative emblem stating the name of a village or town and depicting aspects of the place's history of culture. Most signs are mounted on a post and usually errected in a central position near the church or village green.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNAL POST *  
Definition:A cast iron post similar to a lamp post, with revolving top to carry either coloured plates, or an oil lamp with coloured glass at night. Associated with canal or river navigation locks.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNAL BOX *  
Definition:A building on a railway system housing levers used to regulate trains on the tracks using signals and to change the points to enable a train to transfer from one track to another.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD SIGN *  
Definition:A sign, often mounted on a post next to a roadside, giving directions or other instructions.

monument Word or Phrase:INN SIGN *  
Definition:A decorated, hanging sign, bearing the name and also often a pictorial representation of the inn or public house to which it is attached.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGNPOST *  
Definition:A post bearing one or more signs indicating the direction, and often the distance, to specified locations or routes.

monument Word or Phrase:SIGN *  
Definition:A board, wall painting or other structure displaying advice, giving information or directions

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