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monument Word or Phrase:CROSSING KEEPERS COTTAGE *  
Definition:A house for the keeper of a level crossing on a railway.

monument Word or Phrase:AIRCRAFT LEVEL CROSSING *  
Definition:A level crossing designed to allow the passage of aircraft to and from a runway which has a railway or road running through it.

monument Word or Phrase:LEVEL CROSSING GATE HUT *  
Definition:Hut for use at Level Crossings that were not adjacent to Signal Boxes.

monument Word or Phrase:FERRY CROSSING SHELTER *  
Definition:A structure providing protection from the elements to passengers waiting to board a ferry service at a dock, riverside, harbour or quay.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS INCISED STONE *  
Definition:A stone with a cross carved into the surface.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS PASSAGE HOUSE *  
Definition:A house in which a passage runs across the building, usually adjacent to a hall, between front and back entrance doors.

monument Word or Phrase:LEVEL CROSSING GATE *  
Definition:A mechanized gate or barrier at a level crossing used to prevent road vehicles crossing a railway line when a train is approaching.

monument Word or Phrase:PEDESTRIAN CROSSING *  
Definition:A path across a road, usually marked as a crossing for pedestrians.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS WING HOUSE *  
Definition:A house with a range at the end of it, at right angles to the main range.

monument Word or Phrase:EMBANKMENT CROSS *  
Definition:Earthworks of uncertain date and purpose, consisting of cross-shaped banks sometimes with an accompanying ditch. Their distribution is largely confined to North Yorkshire.

monument Word or Phrase:PREACHING CROSS *  
Definition:A cross, erected on a highway or in an open place, at which monks and others used to preach.

monument Word or Phrase:WAYMARKER CROSS *  
Definition:A rural cross erected to show the way.

monument Word or Phrase:BOUNDARY CROSS *  
Definition:A sculpted cross, or a cross incised into stone or trees, to mark a parish boundary.

monument Word or Phrase:FERRY CROSSING *  
Definition:A route across a river, or lake. Use only for small inland ferries and index with LANDING POINT/STAGE/STEPS or PIER where known.

monument Word or Phrase:LEVEL CROSSING *  
Definition:A controlled point with warning lights and gates or barriers where a road crosses a railway line.

monument Word or Phrase:ZEBRA CROSSING *  
Definition:A path across a road marked with black and white stripes where pedestrians may cross.

monument Word or Phrase:ELEANOR CROSS *  
Definition:One of 12 roadside crosses erected by Edward I in memory of his wife, Eleanor of Castile, the most famous being Charing cross in London.

monument Word or Phrase:VILLAGE CROSS *  
Definition:A cross erected in a village.

monument Word or Phrase:WAYSIDE CROSS *  
Definition:A cross erected by the side of the road.

monument Word or Phrase:CELTIC CROSS *  
Definition:A free-standing cross made of stone in the form of a cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. Often used as a grave marker

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET CROSS *  
Definition:A cross found in a market place.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS DYKE *  
Definition:A linear earthwork, usually a bank accompanied by a ditch, which runs across rather than along an area or ridge of higher ground.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS SLAB *  
Definition:A slab of stone, either standing or recumbent, inscribed with a cross. Usually found in association with burials.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSSROADS *  
Definition:A road junction where two (or occasionally more) roads cross each other.

monument Word or Phrase:HIGH CROSS *  
Definition:A churchyard or memorial cross set on a long shaft.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN CROSS *  
Definition:A cross erected within a town, usually funded by the inhabitants.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS *  
Definition:A free-standing structure, in the form of a cross (+), symbolizing the structure on which Jesus Christ was crucified and sacred to the Christian faith. Use specific type where known.

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