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monument Word or Phrase:MINE PUMPING SHAFT *  
Definition:A shaft, separate to the main working shaft, used to pump water out of the mine workings.

monument Word or Phrase:VENTILATION SHAFT *  
Definition:A shaft designed to allow for the adequate circulation of air through a transport tunnel, for example.

monument Word or Phrase:SPLIT SHAFT KILN *  
Definition:A twin-shafted kiln, circular or oval in plan, consisting of a fire chamber, pre-heater and cooling chamber.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT CALCINER *  
Definition:A nineteenth century stone calciner, similar to a lime kiln, used for extracting arsenic from mined ores, consisting of a solid structure with a central shaft and a drawing-hole at the base for calciner waste.

monument Word or Phrase:SERVICE SHAFT *  
Definition:A shaft allowing access to an area. Often used as an additional escape route to the main shaft in a mine or as an air shaft.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT FURNACE *  
Definition:A furnace constructed as a shaft with the fire at the bottom and the fuel and ore added from the top.

monument Word or Phrase:RITUAL SHAFT *  
Definition:A shaft which appears to have been dug for, or which contains objects apparently deposited for, reasons other than storage, disposal or extraction (eg. of stone, water, etc). Index with principal object types.

monument Word or Phrase:BRINE SHAFT *  
Definition:A shaft cut to facilitate the extraction of salt from halite deposits by pumping water into the deposit and pumping out brine from which the salt is later extracted.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT MOUND *  
Definition:Circular spoil heap surrounding a wide central depression, the entrance to a mine shaft.

monument Word or Phrase:MINE SHAFT *  
Definition:A vertical or inclined excavation giving access to an underground mine.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT KILN *  
Definition:A vertical structure, sometimes made of steel, often used in the manufacture of cement. Material is loaded at the top, burnt in the middle and removed at the bottom.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT *  
Definition:Use only if function unknown, otherwise use specific type.

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