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monument Word or Phrase:GARDENS PARKS AND URBAN SPACES *  
Definition:This is the top term for the class. See GARDENS PARKS AND URBAN SPACES Class List for narrow terms.

none Word or Phrase:Registered Park or Garden  
Definition:Parks and gardens that are considered to be of historic importance are placed on a register. The register comprises a variety of town gardens, public parks and country estates. The main purpose of the register is to help ensure that the features and qualities that make the Parks and gardens special are safeguarded if changes are being considered which could affect them.

The gardens on the register are divided into three grades in order to give some guidance about their significance, in a similar way to Listed Buildings. The majority of Parks and gardens on the Register are of sufficient interest as to be designated as grade II. Some, however, are recognised as being of exceptional historic interest and are awarded a star giving them grade II* status. A small number are of international importance, and are classified as grade I.

monument Word or Phrase:PRODUCTIVE WALLED GARDEN *  
Definition:A large kitchen garden enclosed by a substantial wall, not usually adjacent to its associated house.

monument Word or Phrase:COMMEMORATIVE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden created to commemorate a person or event.

monument Word or Phrase:ORNAMENTAL GARDEN *  
Definition:A decorative garden, often landscaped, laid out with intricate flower beds and hedges, and often containing ornate sculptures, fountains and garden ornaments.

monument Word or Phrase:BUTTERFLY GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden in which a variety of plants are grown to encourage butterflies.

monument Word or Phrase:COMMUNITY GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden maintained by, and for the benefit of, a community.

monument Word or Phrase:FRAGRANCE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden specifically planted with sweet smelling, fragrant plants.

monument Word or Phrase:MINIATURE GARDEN *  
Definition:A small-scale garden.

monument Word or Phrase:SCULPTURE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden designed to display sculpture, publicly or privately.

monument Word or Phrase:VEGETABLE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden devoted to the growth of vegetables.

monument Word or Phrase:AMERICAN GARDEN *  
Definition:A concept dating in England from the second half of the 18th century, when hardy North American plants were relatively easy to obtain.

monument Word or Phrase:EGYPTIAN GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden incorporating Egyptian architectural features such as sphinxes and tomb-like features, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN BUILDING *  
Definition:Includes some structures that are not strictly buildings. Use a more specific term where possible.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN ORNAMENT *  
Definition:A decorative or ornamental structure purposefully situated in a garden. Such as sculptures, sundials, bird baths, gnomes etc.

monument Word or Phrase:JAPANESE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden incorporating features of traditional Japanese gardens - a pool, an island, stepping stones or a bridge, cherry trees and other shrubs and flowering plants grown with the emphasis on line.

monument Word or Phrase:PLEASURE GARDEN *  
Definition:A type of 18th century public park, with refreshment houses, concert rooms, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden with one or more platforms with walks, often on different levels, usually close to the house.

monument Word or Phrase:WOODLAND GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden created within woodland where imported species such as camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:BOTANIC GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden designed to provide living material for the study of botany and horticulture.

monument Word or Phrase:CHINESE GARDEN *  
Definition:An 18th century garden with a Chinese layout and ornaments.

monument Word or Phrase:COLLEGE GARDEN *  
Definition:A formal garden consisting of lawns, walks and borders belonging to a college or university, eg. Oxford or Cambridge.

monument Word or Phrase:COTTAGE GARDEN *  
Definition:An informal garden attached to a cottage where flowers, vegetables and fruit trees are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN FEATURE *  
Definition:Unspecified landscape feature. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN OF REST *  
Definition:Garden associated with a crematorium where the ashes of the deceased are scattered or buried.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN RETREAT *  
Definition:A structure or building, often within a secluded area of a garden, where people could go for quiet reflection.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN TERRACE *  
Definition:A flat, level area of ground within a garden. Often raised and accessed by steps.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN VILLAGE *  
Definition:A village laid out systematically with spacious and garden-like surroundings.

monument Word or Phrase:HEATHER GARDEN *  
Definition:A peat-based garden where various types of heather are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:ITALIAN GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden designed in the style of the elaborate gardens of the Renaissance, eg. formal, geometrical layouts of lawn and paths, stone steps, balustrades and statuary and fountains.

monument Word or Phrase:KITCHEN GARDEN *  
Definition:A private garden established primarily for growing vegetables and herbs for domestic consumption.

monument Word or Phrase:MOORISH GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden incorporating features of Moorish-influenced Spanish gardens - water features, patios, benches, walls and compartments, evergreens, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:NURSERY GARDEN *  
Definition:A horticultural site where trees, shrubs and plants are grown for sale and transplanting elsewhere.

monument Word or Phrase:SENSORY GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden that has been specifically created to be accessible to both disabled and non-disabled visitors. They may contain scented and edible plants and features designed to make sound etc.

monument Word or Phrase:TOPIARY GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden containing trees or shrubs pruned and trained into various geometric, zoomorphic or fantastic shapes.

monument Word or Phrase:ALPINE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden which consists of rocks and rock-loving plants that require little water.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOWER GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden in which flower beds are the primary focal point.

monument Word or Phrase:FORMAL GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden of regular, linear or geometrical design, often associated with the traditional Italian, French and Dutch styles.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN ARCADE *  
Definition:A series of arches, linked together, often made out of clipped hedges or trees with the trunks forming the uprights

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN CENTRE *  
Definition:A place where gardening tools, plants, etc, are sold.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN SCREEN *  
Definition:Ornamental wrought iron screen associated with gate lodges or entrance lodges.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN SUBURB *  
Definition:A town laid out systematically with spacious and garden-like surroundings.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN TEMPLE *  
Definition:A garden building, usually in the Gothic or classical style. The term can be applied to many types of garden building with an interior space in which to stand or sit. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET GARDEN *  
Definition:A piece of land used to grow vegetables to be sold at markets.

monument Word or Phrase:PHYSIC GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden maintained for the study and cultivation of plants for medicinal purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:ROCOCO GARDEN *  
Definition:Garden comprising rockwork features including grottoes, cascades and arches, often in different architectural styles ie. Gothic, Chinese and rustic. In use from the mid C18.

monument Word or Phrase:SUNKEN GARDEN *  
Definition:An often secluded garden set below the level of surrounding ground, usually surrounded with terraces.

monument Word or Phrase:WALLED GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden surrounded by a substantial wall.

monument Word or Phrase:WINTER GARDEN *  
Definition:Originally an area planted with evergreens or winter-flowering plants for winter display, they can also be large glasshouses built for public entertainment where the original purpose of displaying plants has either disappeared or been minimalised.

monument Word or Phrase:DUTCH GARDEN *  
Definition:A 17th century garden in the Dutch style: usually flat and compact, with an emphasis on small canals, hedges, topiary, lead statuary and flowering shrubs and bulbs.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN BASIN *  
Definition:A decorative garden ornament, usually of stone, in the form of a wide, shallow dish.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN HOUSE *  
Definition:A small ornamental building in a garden, usually one-storeyed and consisting of one room. Use a more specific term where known.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN PORCH *  
Definition:A roofed, lightweight structure, usually attached to a house, provdiing access from and to the garden.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN STEPS *  
Definition:Stone, brick or wooden steps or stairs found in a garden.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN TABLE *  
Definition:A table found in a garden, often made of stone.

monument Word or Phrase:SWISS GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden with real or supposed Swiss features, including buildings and plantings.

monument Word or Phrase:TUDOR GARDEN *  
Definition:A 19th century Tudor revival garden.

monument Word or Phrase:WATER GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden incorporating fountains and pools in which aquatic and other water-loving plants are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:WHITE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden deliberately planted with white plants and shrubs.

monument Word or Phrase:BABY GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden associated with a crematorium where the ashes of deceased infants are scattered or buried.

monument Word or Phrase:BEER GARDEN *  
Definition:Garden area next to public house used for the comsumption of alcoholic beverages.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN CITY *  
Definition:A planned, self-contained, community incorporating green open spaces and containing housing, industrial and agricultural zones.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN PATH *  
Definition:A path in a garden.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN SEAT *  
Definition:A type of GARDEN HOUSE, usually in the form of an open-fronted shelter with seat.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN SHED *  
Definition:A structure in a garden used to house gardening implements, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN WALL *  
Definition:A stone or brick wall either in, or enclosing, a garden.

monument Word or Phrase:HERB GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden for the cultivation of herbs used for medicinal or culinary purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:KNOT GARDEN *  
Definition:An intricately designed garden in which ground coves, low shrubs or coloured earths are arranged in interlacing patterns resembling knots

monument Word or Phrase:ROCK GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden consisting primarily of rocks and rock plants.

monument Word or Phrase:ROOF GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden or collection of potted plants on the flat roof of a house or other building.

monument Word or Phrase:ROSE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden, often geometrical in layout, or area for the cultivation of roses.

monument Word or Phrase:WILD GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden where woodland and meadow flowers grow in an apparently natural way.

monument Word or Phrase:BEE GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden in which bees are kept.

monument Word or Phrase:BOG GARDEN *  
Definition:A soft, marshy garden, often peat-based where water- and peat-loving plants are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:HOP GARDEN *  
Definition:A piece of land used for the cultivation of hops.

monument Word or Phrase:TEA GARDEN *  
Definition:Garden or open-air enclosure, usually connected to commercial premises, where tea and other refreshments are served to the public.

monument Word or Phrase:YEW GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden where yew and other coniferous trees are grown.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN *  
Definition:An enclosed piece of ground devoted to the cultivation of flowers, fruit or vegetables and/or recreational purposes. Use more specific type where known.

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