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monument Word or Phrase:FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET *  
Definition:An indoor or outdoor market where fruit and vegetables are sold.

monument Word or Phrase:HAY AND STRAW MARKET *  
Definition:An indoor or outdoor market where hay and straw is sold.

monument Word or Phrase:LIVESTOCK MARKET *  
Definition:A market where cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry are bought and sold.

monument Word or Phrase:WHOLESALE MARKET *  
Definition:A market where goods are bought and sold in bulk, rather than by retail.

monument Word or Phrase:ANTIQUE MARKET *  
Definition:An indoor market used for the sale of antique goods.

monument Word or Phrase:LEATHER MARKET *  
Definition:An indoor or outdoor market where leather and untreated animal hides are sold.

monument Word or Phrase:BUTTER MARKET *  
Definition:An indoor or outdoor market where butter was sold.

monument Word or Phrase:CHEESE MARKET *  
Definition:A market for the sale of cheeses.

monument Word or Phrase:FLOWER MARKET *  
Definition:An outdoor or indoor place where flowers were sold.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET GARDEN *  
Definition:A piece of land used to grow vegetables to be sold at markets.

monument Word or Phrase:STREET MARKET *  
Definition:A market consisting of stalls erected in the street and selling a variety of goods.

monument Word or Phrase:TIMBER MARKET *  
Definition:A place where processed wood is sold.

monument Word or Phrase:CLOTH MARKET *  
Definition:An open market where cloth and other textiles can be traded.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET CROSS *  
Definition:A cross found in a market place.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET HOUSE *  
Definition:A market building, pre-19th century, incorporating other function rooms, eg. theatres, courtrooms, schoolrooms.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET PLACE *  
Definition:An area, often consisting of widened streets or a town square, where booths and stalls may be erected for public sales.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET STALL *  
Definition:A structure, often movable, used as a platform for the display of a traders goods in a market.

monument Word or Phrase:FISH MARKET *  
Definition:A market where fish is sold.

monument Word or Phrase:FLEA MARKET *  
Definition:A street market.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET HALL *  
Definition:A purpose built covered market hall, usually 19th century, although earlier examples do exist, eg. that at Abingdon, Oxfordshire c.1680.

monument Word or Phrase:MEAT MARKET *  
Definition:A place where meat is displayed for sale.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKET *  
Definition:An open space or covered building in which cattle, goods, etc, are displayed for sale.

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