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Definition:An area on post-war military airfields for parking aircraft on quick reaction alert to allow immediate access to the runway. Abbreviation ORP.

monument Word or Phrase:HELICOPTER LANDING PLATFORM *  
Definition:An artificial, sometimes temporary, platform on which helicopters can take off and land.

monument Word or Phrase:AIRCRAFT COMPASS PLATFORM *  
Definition:A circular concrete platform onto which aircraft would be taxied allowing the ground crew to calibrate, check and adjust the accuracy of the aircrafts compass, usually by rotating the platform.

monument Word or Phrase:CHARCOAL BURNING PLATFORM *  
Definition:An area of flattened or compacted ground used for charcoal burning.

monument Word or Phrase:GUN LAYING RADAR PLATFORM *  
Definition:A platform, usually in concrete, on which radar equipment was mounted to assist the targetting of artillery guns. The platform is often the only evidence surviving in the landscape.

monument Word or Phrase:EXCARNATION PLATFORM *  
Definition:A platform on which corpses are placed and allowed to decompose in the open air, so as to leave only the bones for subsequent burial.

monument Word or Phrase:CEREMONIAL PLATFORM *  
Definition:A structure used for music, dance, ceremonial or civic events.

monument Word or Phrase:BUILDING PLATFORM *  
Definition:A site where a building once stood as identified by a level area of ground, often compacted or made from man-made materials. Use only where specific function is unknown, otherwise use more specific term.

monument Word or Phrase:CIRCULAR PLATFORM *  
Definition:A levelled area of ground, circular in shape, used as the base on which a monument was built.Sometimes raised, a platform is often the sole surviving evidence for a monument.

monument Word or Phrase:PLATFORM SHELTER *  
Definition:A structure providing protection against the weather, situated on railway platforms.

monument Word or Phrase:RAILWAY PLATFORM *  
Definition:A raised floor along the side of a line at a railway station, for convenience in entering and alighting from a train.

monument Word or Phrase:DIVING PLATFORM *  
Definition:A tower with one or more horizontal platforms extending out over deep water for use in diving competitions.

monument Word or Phrase:FIRING PLATFORM *  
Definition:An area of a site or building providing a stable base for the firing of artillery pieces.

monument Word or Phrase:PLATFORM BARROW *  
Definition:The rarest of the recognized types of round barrow, consisting of a flat, wide circular mound, which may be surrounded by a ditch. They occur widely across southern England with a marked concentration in East and West Sussex.

monument Word or Phrase:HOUSE PLATFORM *  
Definition:An area of ground on which a house is built. A platform is often the sole surviving evidence for a house.

monument Word or Phrase:PLATFORM CAIRN *  
Definition:A roughly circular monument featuring a low, more or less level platform of stones surrounded or retained by a low stone kerb. Some may feature a small central open area, thus resembling a ring cairn.

monument Word or Phrase:BARN PLATFORM *  
Definition:A levelled area of ground on which a barn is built. A platform is often the sole surviving evidence for a barn.

monument Word or Phrase:HUT PLATFORM *  
Definition:Levelled or terraced area of ground presumed to have been the site of a house or hut.

monument Word or Phrase:PLATFORM *  
Definition:Unspecified. Use specific type where known.

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