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monument Word or Phrase:BACK TO EARTH TERRACE *  
Definition:A terrace of BACK TO EARTH HOUSES.

monument Word or Phrase:BACK TO BACK TERRACE *  
Definition:A terrace consisting of a double row of houses sharing a common back wall, characteristic of industrial cities in the North of England.

monument Word or Phrase:CULTIVATION TERRACE *  
Definition:An area of land, usually on a slope, which has been built up to provide a flat surface for the cultivation of crops.

monument Word or Phrase:BLIND BACK TERRACE *  
Definition:A terrace with windows and doors on one side only, often built facing inwards onto a burgage plot, or sometimes on a steep slope, with no apertures on the uphill side.

monument Word or Phrase:FOOTBALL TERRACE *  
Definition:A raised step, usually made of concrete, on which supporters stand to watch a game of football.

monument Word or Phrase:STEPPED TERRACE *  
Definition:A terrace of houses built on a slope giving the roofline a stepped appearance.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden with one or more platforms with walks, often on different levels, usually close to the house.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED GROUND *  
Definition:An artificially raised level of ground.

monument Word or Phrase:VIEWING TERRACE *  
Definition:A man made terrace, often constructed in concrete, built to allow spectators a view of organized outdoor events or activities.

monument Word or Phrase:WEALDEN TERRACE *  
Definition:A continuous row of WEALDEN HOUSES.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN TERRACE *  
Definition:A flat, level area of ground within a garden. Often raised and accessed by steps.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED HOUSE *  
Definition:A house in a line of houses attached to and adjoining one another and planned and built as one unit.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED LAWN *  
Definition:A raised lawn in a garden or park.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED WALK *  
Definition:A walk, common in 18th century gardens, providing a view across the surrounding countryside.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACE *  
Definition:A row of houses attached to and adjoining one another and planned and built as one unit.

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