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technique Word or Phrase:Field Walking Survey  
Definition:Archaeologists walk over an area, usually ploughed fields, and look for objects on the surface. This is called field walking. Archaeologists record the point on the ground where they find the objects. These points are then plotted on a map. If the map shows that a large number of objects were found in the same place, it can be evidence that an archaeological site exists there. For example, if a large number of fragments of roof tile and/or brick or stone are found in one place, it could mean that there used to be some sort of building there. See also field survey.

monument Word or Phrase:WALKING STICK MILL *  
Definition:A mill used for the manufacture of walking sticks.

monument Word or Phrase:WALKER FAN HOUSE *  
Definition:A building housing a double inlet fan that was used for the ventillation of mine shafts

monument Word or Phrase:SERPENTINE WALK *  
Definition:A winding walk, common in early 18th century Rococo gardens and parks.

monument Word or Phrase:TERRACED WALK *  
Definition:A walk, common in 18th century gardens, providing a view across the surrounding countryside.

monument Word or Phrase:BUTTER WALK *  
Definition:An arcade providing shelter for perishable market goods which also provides protection from the elements for the occupants of the adjoining properties.

monument Word or Phrase:LIME WALK *  
Definition:A walk or path lined with lime trees.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL WALK *  
Definition:A walkway on the top of a defensive wall, providing access to the parapets and towers.

monument Word or Phrase:YEW WALK *  
Definition:A garden walk lined with yew trees and hedges.

monument Word or Phrase:WALK *  
Definition:A place or path for walking in a park or garden. Use more specific type where possible.

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