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monument Word or Phrase:BRIDGETTINE DOUBLE HOUSE *  
Definition:An abbey of the Bridgettine double order of nuns and religious men.

monument Word or Phrase:BRIDGE KEEPERS COTTAGE *  
Definition:The residence of a bridge keeper.

monument Word or Phrase:ACCOMMODATION BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge, often over a canal or road, allowing access between two parcels of land.

monument Word or Phrase:PREFABRICATED BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge manufactured from prefabricated sections.

monument Word or Phrase:BRIDGETTINE NUNNERY *  
Definition:An abbey founded in 1415 for nuns of the Bridgettine order.

monument Word or Phrase:CABLE STAYED BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge whose deck is directly supported from pylons by straight cables without vertical suspenders.

monument Word or Phrase:HALF THROUGH BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge whose trusses or girders form parapets on either side of the deck.

monument Word or Phrase:BRIDGETTINE GRANGE *  
Definition:An outlying farm or estate belonging to the Bridgettine order.

monument Word or Phrase:MULTI LEVEL BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge with two or more decks allowing it to carry various modes of transport at the same time.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWING PATH BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge which takes a towing path over a branch canal, basin, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:TRANSPORTER BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge consisting of a lattice girder spanning the distance between the tops of two towers. Designed to transport vehicles across the gap in a container suspended at road level by ropes under a travelling crane on the girder.

monument Word or Phrase:CANTILEVER BRIDGE *  
Definition:A specialized form of truss bridge that extends or cantilevers from both sides of the pier, the inner 'arms' usually supporting a central span.

monument Word or Phrase:ORNAMENTAL BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge built to enhance or compliment the surrounding landscape. Mainly found on estates or in parkland and usually 18th and 19th century.

monument Word or Phrase:SUSPENSION BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge whose deck is hung from above by large cables, chains or pinned iron or steel bars hanging from towers.

monument Word or Phrase:TELESCOPIC BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge in which one leaf may be retracted in a horizontal plane, passing on rollers over or under the adjacent fixed leaf.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge which is fortified at one or both ends.

monument Word or Phrase:INHABITED BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge on which dwellings or commercial premises have been built.

monument Word or Phrase:PACKHORSE BRIDGE *  
Definition:A high-humped, narrow, cobbled bridge used by trains of packhorses, often located in upland areas where the bulk of goods were carried by horses.

monument Word or Phrase:TEMPORARY BRIDGE *  
Definition:A type of bridge which was designed for temporary use and then capable of being moved to another site. Use for temporary bridges which have remained in situ since erection.

monument Word or Phrase:CAUSEWAY BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge, carrying a footpath or road, usually across marshy or waterlogged ground.

monument Word or Phrase:PIPELINE BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge used for carrying liquids, usually water, although sometimes oil, in a pipeline over a river. Mid 19th century onwards.

monument Word or Phrase:BASCULE BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge that incorporates one or two spans that tilt at the abutments, to move up and out of the way of shipping. The most famous example of which is Tower bridge, London.

monument Word or Phrase:CLAPPER BRIDGE *  
Definition:A simple form of stone slab bridge, particularly associated with South West England.

monument Word or Phrase:MOVABLE BRIDGE *  
Definition:A type of bridge which has machinery and movable elements, eg. to allow vessels to pass.

monument Word or Phrase:PONTOON BRIDGE *  
Definition:A floating bridge, generally temporary, whose decks are supported on low flat-bottomed or hollow floats.

monument Word or Phrase:RAILWAY BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge carrying a railway track across a river, valley, road etc.

monument Word or Phrase:THROUGH BRIDGE *  
Definition:A type of bridge which completely encloses the traffic using it.

monument Word or Phrase:TRAMWAY BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge carrying a tramway.

monument Word or Phrase:BAILEY BRIDGE *  
Definition:A type of temporary bridge designed by Sir Donald C.Bailey during the Second World War.

monument Word or Phrase:BRIDGE CHAPEL *  
Definition:A chapel built into the structure of a bridge.

monument Word or Phrase:GIRDER BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge supported by large beams or girders, originally of wood or iron, now usually of steel or reinforced concrete.

monument Word or Phrase:ROVING BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge which takes the towpath across the canal.

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge over a canal.

monument Word or Phrase:MINED BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge which has had mines placed within its structure to enable it to be destroyed in the event of an invasion.

monument Word or Phrase:SHELL BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge decorated with shells forming an ornamental feature.

monument Word or Phrase:SWING BRIDGE *  
Definition:A movable bridge that swings or rotates around a central pier to provide a passageway for navigation.

monument Word or Phrase:TRUSS BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge made up of many relatively small members joined together in a series of interconnecting triangles.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCH BRIDGE *  
Definition:A curved structural span which is supported at the sides or ends. May vary in shape from the horizontal flat arch through semicircular and semielliptical forms.

monument Word or Phrase:BEAM BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge in which the load is carried by a single beam, or beams, spanning the space between two supports.

monument Word or Phrase:LIFT BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge that incorporates a span that moves upwards vertically to provide a passageway for navigation.

monument Word or Phrase:PIPE BRIDGE *  
Definition:Bridge for carrying pipes between buildings or working areas.

monument Word or Phrase:ROAD BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge carrying a road over land or water.

monument Word or Phrase:ROCK BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge constructed using rockwork to create a craggy, naturalistic appearance. A feature of 18th century rococo gardens and parks.

monument Word or Phrase:SLAB BRIDGE *  
Definition:A type of concrete bridge, developed in the 20th century, that consists of reinforced concrete deck slabs that sit on the supporting bridge piers and/or abutments.

monument Word or Phrase:TOLL BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge whose upkeep and repair was financed by the exaction of a toll.

monument Word or Phrase:BRIDGE *  
Definition:A structure of wood, stone, iron, brick or concrete, etc, with one or more intervals under it to span a river or other space. Use specific type where known.

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