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monument Word or Phrase:ORNAMENTAL FOUNTAIN *  
Definition:An often highly elaborate water fountain, usually found in parks, gardens or urban spaces.

monument Word or Phrase:DRINKING FOUNTAIN *  
Definition:A fountain erected specifically to supply drinking water.

monument Word or Phrase:FOUNTAIN HOUSE *  
Definition:A building, in a garden, park or open space, either housing a fountain or the machinery which powers one.

monument Word or Phrase:SHELL FOUNTAIN *  
Definition:A fountain decorated with shells forming an ornamental feature.

monument Word or Phrase:TRICK FOUNTAIN *  
Definition:An automata or water device which surprises the unwary onlooker with water. A feature of 16th and 17th century gardens.

monument Word or Phrase:FOUNTAIN *  
Definition:An artificial aperture from which water springs. The water supply usually came from a lake or reservoir higher up in order to ensure the necessary flow and pressure. More recently fountains have been powered by pumps.

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