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monument Word or Phrase:WELL KEEPERS COTTAGE *  
Definition:The residence of a well keeper.

monument Word or Phrase:PETRIFYING WELL *  
Definition:A well with an unusually high mineral content that combined with extensive periods of evaporation may give objects a stony exterior. Once believed to have been caused by magic or witchcraft.

monument Word or Phrase:COVERED WELL *  
Definition:A well with a superstructure, either partially or wholly enclosed with an access door, designed to protect the water source.

monument Word or Phrase:DIPPING WELL *  
Definition:A natural spring located within a, usually small, man-made structure, such as a niche or a box. The structure is so placed to accomodate use for a specific non-religious function, such as communal bathing.

monument Word or Phrase:BUTTER WELL *  
Definition:A small stone structure, usually at a spring or bog, in which dairy products were kept cool on slate shelves.

monument Word or Phrase:WELL CHAPEL *  
Definition:A chapel adjacent to, associated with or containing a well.

monument Word or Phrase:WELL COVER *  
Definition:A lid for a well. Well covers are often ornate and can be made of various materials.

monument Word or Phrase:WELL HOUSE *  
Definition:A building over a well housing machinery for raising the water. Often consisting of a DONKEY WHEEL or HORSE GIN.

monument Word or Phrase:HOLY WELL *  
Definition:A well or spring, possessing religious or otherwise ritualistic significance, around which a structure, such as a niche, wall or shelter, has been constructed. In the case of the water source being a natural spring, double-index with spring.

monument Word or Phrase:WELL HEAD *  
Definition:The structure at the top of a draw well.

monument Word or Phrase:OIL WELL *  
Definition:A site where petroleum is drawn.

monument Word or Phrase:WELL *  
Definition:A shaft or pit dug in the ground over a supply of spring-water.

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