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monument Word or Phrase:STEAM TURBINE POWER STATION *  
Definition:A complex of buildings where electricity is produced using steam-powered turbines.

monument Word or Phrase:STEAM TURBINE *  
Definition:A motor in which rotary motion is produced by steam power.

monument Word or Phrase:TURBINE HOUSE *  
Definition:A building housing a turbine.

monument Word or Phrase:WATER TURBINE *  
Definition:A prime mover in which a central wheel with curved vanes, enclosed in a chamber, receives water directed onto the curved vanes by a ring of fixed guide vanes, causing the wheel to rotate about its axis.

monument Word or Phrase:TURBINE MILL *  
Definition:A mill which is powered by a turbine.

monument Word or Phrase:WIND TURBINE *  
Definition:An apparatus designed with a large vaned wheel rotated by the wind in order to generate electricity.

monument Word or Phrase:GAS TURBINE *  
Definition:A turbine driven by gas flow or the gas from combustion.

monument Word or Phrase:TURBINE *  
Definition:A rotary prime mover. Turbines may be steam, water or gas operated.

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