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monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED MANOR HOUSE *  
Definition:A manor house, which was granted a royal licence to crenellate.

monument Word or Phrase:MANORIAL BOUNDARY *  
Definition:The limit line of an area pertaining to a medieval manor.

monument Word or Phrase:MANORIAL CHAPEL *  
Definition:A chapel situated within the demesnes of a manor. Can be a separate building or an integral part of a manor house.

monument Word or Phrase:MANORIAL FARM *  
Definition:A medieval high status farmstead, acting as the centre of the estate, directly controlled by the lord and used for the benefit of his household and dependents.

monument Word or Phrase:MANOR HOUSE *  
Definition:The principal house of a manor or village.

monument Word or Phrase:MANOR FARM *  
Definition:A farm on the estate of a manor.

monument Word or Phrase:MANOR *  
Definition:An area of land consisting of the lord's demesne and of lands from whose holders he may exact certain fees, etc.

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