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monument Word or Phrase:CLOSED TRAINING PRISON *  
Definition:An institution for the detention of prisoners, surrounded by a wall and/or fence as a barrier to escape. The level of security depends on the category of inmate detained.

monument Word or Phrase:PRISON GOVERNORS HOUSE *  
Definition:The residence of a prison governor.

monument Word or Phrase:PRISON VISITORS CENTRE *  
Definition:A centre attached to a prison where families and friends can visit with the inmates.

monument Word or Phrase:HIGH SECURITY PRISON *  
Definition:An establishment where offenders who have committed the most serious crimes, e.g. serial killers, are confined.

monument Word or Phrase:OPEN TRAINING PRISON *  
Definition:An institution for the imprisonment of prisoners who can be trusted to serve their sentence without likelihood of escape and of being a threat to the public. There is no physical barrier designed to prevent absconding.

monument Word or Phrase:PRISONER OF WAR CAMP *  
Definition:A prison site for the containment of servicemen captured in war.

monument Word or Phrase:DISPERSAL PRISON *  
Definition:An institution for the detention of prisoners considered to be a major threat to public safety and/or to the security of the nation.

monument Word or Phrase:PRISON TREADMILL *  
Definition:An appliance for producing motion by the stepping of men on movable steps on a revolving cylinder. Used as a form of punishment in prisons.

monument Word or Phrase:JUVENILE PRISON *  
Definition:A custodial institution for offenders below the legal age of responsibility.

monument Word or Phrase:MILITARY PRISON *  
Definition:An institution for the imprisonment of military personnel convicted under military law by a military court.

monument Word or Phrase:DEBTORS PRISON *  
Definition:A prison for the confinement of people who owe money.

Word or Phrase:PRISON CHAPEL *  
Definition:A chapel for a prison, either attached or in a separate building.

monument Word or Phrase:LOCAL PRISON *  
Definition:An institution created with the merging of Gaols and Houses of Correction in 1865. Nowadays term used for a prison to which people are sent whilst remanded in custody before trial or direct from court after conviction.

monument Word or Phrase:PRISON HULK *  
Definition:The hull of a dismantled ship used as a prison.

monument Word or Phrase:PRISON *  
Definition:An establishment where offenders are confined. Use more specific type where known.

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