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monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED ROUND BARROW *  
Definition:A Neolithic burial monument comprising a stone-built chamber within a circular or sub-circular earthen mound. See RELIGIOUS, RITUAL AND FUNERARY Class List for context.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUND HOUSE (DOMESTIC) *  
Definition:Circular structure, normally indicated by one or more rings of post holes and/or a circular gulley, and usually interpreted as being of domestic function.

monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED ROUND CAIRN *  
Definition:A Neolithic burial monument comprising an approximately circular stony mound which contains a stone-built chamber, with or without additional lateral chambers.

monument Word or Phrase:POST MILL ROUNDHOUSE *  
Definition:A circular or octagonal building at the base of a post mill to provide storage space and to give protection to the superstructure. The roundhouse is not attached to the mill itself. Some roundhouses were later converted for domestic purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUND TOWERED CHURCH *  
Definition:A church, usually found in East Anglia, of early Medieval and/or Medieval date with attached or detached round tower.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUNDHOUSE (RAILWAY) *  
Definition:A circular building for housing and repairing railway locomotives.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUND BARROW *  
Definition:Hemispherical mound surrounded by a ditch (or occasionally two or more concentric ditches), often accompanied by an external (or occasionally internal) bank. mound and ditch may sometimes be separated by a berm. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUND CAIRN *  
Definition:A roughly hemispherical mound constructed primarily of stones, normally containing or covering one or more human burials. The mound may be surrounded and partly retained by a low stone kerb.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUNDABOUT *  
Definition:A circular construction at the intersection of two or more roads to aid the passage of vehicles from one road to another.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUND *  
Definition:A small, Iron Age/Romano-British enclosed settlement found in South West England.

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