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monument Word or Phrase:REGULAR COURTYARD MULTI YARD *  
Definition:A farmstead with multiple yards which are grouped together and regularly arranged (other than the defined E, F, H, T or Z plans). The yards may relate to one or more buildings or ranges which may be of either loose courtyard or regular courtyard form.

monument Word or Phrase:DISPERSED MULTI YARD PLAN *  
Definition:A dispersed farmstead where buildings are arranged around scattered yards which can be loose or regular in their form.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE BREAKING YARD *  
Definition:A place where inmates of a workhouse or prison carried out stone breaking.

monument Word or Phrase:SHIP BREAKERS YARD *  
Definition:Place where ships and boats are dismantled.

monument Word or Phrase:BELLAND YARD WALL *  
Definition:A wall within a lead mine surrounding a dressing floor, where waste from mining and smelting is deposited, to protect livestock from entering and consuming contaminated material and becoming poisoned, or 'bellanded'.

monument Word or Phrase:MARSHALLING YARD *  
Definition:A series of parallel railway sidings on which goods wagons originating from different locations can be sorted or re-sorted into new trains before being despatched to their next destination or sorting points.

monument Word or Phrase:STONEMASONS YARD *  
Definition:A complex, comprising a workshop and a storage yard, used by a stonemason.

monument Word or Phrase:VICTUALLING YARD *  
Definition:A complex of buildings with the purpose of providing and storing food and drink supplies (esp. for the navy).

monument Word or Phrase:CANAL BOAT YARD *  
Definition:A place where canal boats are built and maintained.

monument Word or Phrase:BUILDERS YARD *  
Definition:An area where builders keep building materials such as brick, stone, planks and cement.

monument Word or Phrase:EXERCISE YARD *  
Definition:A courtyard in a prison or workhouse for the inmates to take exercise.

monument Word or Phrase:KNACKERS YARD *  
Definition:A slaughterhouse for horses.

monument Word or Phrase:ORDNANCE YARD *  
Definition:A storage area usually for naval weapons and stores.

monument Word or Phrase:CARTERS YARD *  
Definition:Trading premises of a carter.

monument Word or Phrase:COVERED YARD *  
Definition:A covered area of ground attached to a building.

monument Word or Phrase:TIMBER YARD *  
Definition:An open yard or place where timber is stacked or stored.

monument Word or Phrase:YARD MARKER *  
Definition:An earthwork or structure on a rifle range used to mark a set distance from the rifle butts (usually at 50 or 100 yard intervals).

monument Word or Phrase:FRAME YARD *  
Definition:A small enclosure containing cold frames, often of brick and glass construction, usually situated against the exterior of a walled garden's south-facing garden.

monument Word or Phrase:GOODS YARD *  
Definition:A site where merchandise and goods are temporarily stored before or after transportation by rail.

monument Word or Phrase:SCRAP YARD *  
Definition:A place where scrap metal is collected.

monument Word or Phrase:STACK YARD *  
Definition:A farmyard or enclosure containing regularly built stacks of hay, corn, peas etc.

monument Word or Phrase:BOAT YARD *  
Definition:A place where boats are built and stored.

monument Word or Phrase:CREW YARD *  
Definition:Open yard for keeping cattle in during winter. Used from the mid-14th century in drier, Eastern, arable counties.

monument Word or Phrase:YARD *  
Definition:A paved area, generally found at the back of a house.

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